Tuesday 23 July 2019

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Goa Forward: For Power or/and Goenkarponn?


Who is the threat to Goa’s DNA? Only the BJP and the MGP? Then why did the Goan voters oust the Congress in 2012? Didn’t they damage the DNA of Goa?READ

Let Cuisine unite Konkanis


Konkani cuisine is one of the richest in India. The culture of co-existence has found roads to travel this cuisine by breaking all the barriers of caste, religion, regions and countries. It is thus ideal to suggest that only the barrier-free Konkani cuisine can break all the barriers we have built around us. READ



While the BJP is desperate to retain its power with the help of minorities, the RSS wants to establish the power of majority. READ

Lessons of ZP for “Finale 2017”


What are the lessons the politicians need to learn from this historic ZP election?READ

कोसंबी घराण्याचा ‘वारसा’ सांगणारी मीरा


कुठलंही विधान नुसता अंदाज बांधून करायचं नाही ही त्यांची भुमिका एका संशोधकाला शोभण्यासारखीच होती. आपणास ठाऊक नसलेली गोष्ट समजून घेताना एखाद्या विद्यार्थ्यासारख्या नम्र होत. परंतु एखादी गोष्ट पटली की मग अजिबात मागे-पुढं पहात नसत. कुणाचाही मुलाहिजा न बाळगता बेधडकपणे ती समाजापुढं मांडत. READ

Take Oath of Transparency, not Secrecy, Mr Minister


The heads of the bureaucracy, the ministers, still attain the office after taking ‘oath of secrecy,’ in violation of the spirit of 'transparency' the Indian Constitution stands for. READ

Kadamba glorification at Kranti Maidan?


Why should this autocratic dynasty rule have a place at a symbol of a struggle for Democratic Rule? Like the ‘colonial hangover’ of the Portuguese era, we also need to give up the ‘feudalism hangover’ of the 16 dynasties Goa faced, from almost second century till the 20th century. READ

Who divided Konkani?


How got the Konkani movement divided? Who divided it? Why? What was the benefit?READ

गांधीबाबा थोर आहे


जोशात साजरी केली जाईल निष्क्रियांची गांधी जयंती घाणेरड्यांचा स्वच्छता दिनREAD

Did Bhau support ‘Hindu Rashtra’?


‘Hindu Rashtra’ was neither his slogan nor the agenda of the party he founded, unlike his successors in the MGP today. In fact, he was a Royist, believed strongly in the leftist humanist theory of ‘Radical Humanism’ of M N Roy. READ

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Why church intrusion is deplorable. Temples are allowed to be misued for BJP gains by conservative hindus. MOI is a dead issue only kept alive by conservative hindus. church will tell its followers to do what is right. RSS can hide its tails between their legs. There is no place for RSS in goa. Beware RSS if you try to antagonise liberal hindu and christains brethren then remember what happened in vasco decades back

franx |

It is a sorry state of affairs that MOI is discussed on political and communal platform

In a democracy , parents have the choice of MOI

However grants are for improving literacy and uplifting national and endangered heritage

The intrusion by church in political affairs is really deplorable.

Ravindra |

It will be cake walk for BJP in coming Goa Assembly election.

Paresh Narendra Kamat |

The Church plays vital role in Goa's Assembly elections than RSS cadres is a truth which nobody can deny. BBSM has started mocking themselves by raising the outdated issue of MOI in the coming elections. Mr Parrikar is smart enough to understand all this poli- tricks of BBSM and RSS by protecting his vote bank.RSS votes are almost negligible in Goa and it will be replaced by Catholic community votes which prefer BJP over Congress. Mr Velingakar has no standing as a RSS leader in Goa. The Bishop's word is more vital to Goa BJP in the coming elections.

Paresh Narendra Kamat |

MOI was not a serious n contentious issue in 2012 poll. Congress was targetted and defeated because it had become "shishupal". But many claimmed credit. This time too MOI will not be poll issue. Real issue will be thrown in our face by the main contenders in the last hours. And we will be confused. Cake will go to same hands.

Madhav Bastodker |

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