Wednesday 02 September 2015

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(Non) Sense Commonwealth Games Excitement?


The sense of expectation and the excitement that precedes a major sporting event, is something that usually drives sports lovers like me for months together. READ

(CW)Games of shame? Indian system at fault


What do we learn from this if we were ignorant about this before? the main problem with the Indian society is that we lack the sporting culture and hence our sports administrators, who are more often politicians or their puppets, are not passionate about their jobs. When the people incharge of looking after the facilities needed to boost the sports standard or its development from grassroot level, are least bothered about the real needs of the sportspersons, what can we expect? READ

England's tale of misery......


It is very hard to digest that England cannot put together a bunch of hungry, enthusiastic and fit bunch of players at the biggest stage. An age-old argument, claims that the players are burnt out after the demanding Premier League season and they do not have the energy (as we saw in the awful Wayne Rooney) to produce the same performances for the country during the summer tournaments. Another school of thought says that England players do not play in clusters for the clubs in the Premier League and thus lack the understanding when they come together for the national ...READ

Wake up India! Think beyond Cricket...


Alas...the psyche of Indians from every class seems to have been captured by cricket and I sincerely do not know whether it will ever change. But this article is a genuine attempt to force my readers to think honestly and think beyond cricket! READ

Rama’s gold boosts Goan Bodybuilding


If you think bodybuilding is for those who are healthy and well-built right from the childhood, you are mistaken. Suhas Khamkar was a skinny child. READ

Now Showing, IPL 3


From whatever action we have witnessed so far in the I.P.L 3, it is clear that the entertainment is guaranteed to reach a feverish pitch in the days to come!READ

Sporting Holidays!


How can holidays get sporting without actually playing or experiencing adventure sports? An obvious question that comes to mind! But for a hardcore sports-lover, that is irrelevant!READ

200dulkar! What a Superplayer….!!


Twenty years down the line, if someone asked us who is the greatest player ever? we will be proud to say that, yes we saw Sachin Tendulkar rule the game!READ

Time to eliminate Politics from Sports!


Isn’t all this rubbish going on for such a long long time? Is it not high time Indians change the way they look at sports? Are we utterly foolish, that we did not even realise this before? Not really. READ

Ultimate Goal – ‘FIFA World Cup’


There is hardly a passionate sports and physical education teacher around to inculcate the love of playing amongst the youngsters. In such a condition, it is easy for the children to fall prey to distractions like computer games in particular. READ

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We have to keep our eyes on the ball, brush aside negative thinking and put our shoulders to the wheel. Our PM and other top leaders must feel really distraught having placed faith in people given charge. A big disappointment indeed !. After everything going well for India on the world stage, the happenings are real disappointments. Mynheart sinks to the lowest, because sports on world stage represent peace and harmony, and goodwill where even in the Soviet Era every nation vied with each other to be the best. Our hope and prayer that our Nation do us proud.

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