Saturday 20 July 2019

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आम्ही पत्रकार पोरके झालो


कोणत्याही विशिष्ट इझमपेक्षा मानवतावाद हाच श्रेष्ठ असतो, परंतु त्याचवेळी विज्ञाननिष्ठ नजरही तेवढीच महत्वाची असते हे पत्रकारितेच्या वैचारिक बैठकीचे बाळकडू मीं त्यांच्याकडूनच पिलो. READ

Delhi/India: Governments of Touchables?


Will Delhi be replicated if similar situation arises after the Lok Sabha poll? Will the BJP, and especially Modi, continue to be the ‘untouchable’ if it could not cross 200? READ

Welcome the ‘terror culture’; or.....?


The same elements are in the BJP today, making it crystal clear that yesterday’s Congress is today’s BJP. In reality, these elements neither belong to the Congress nor the BJP. They belong to the Seat of Power and become Powerful themselves. READ

Will police learn from Bhatkal?


Why did DIG O P Mishra hesitate to admit lapses on the part of his department in letting Bhatkal go scot free? If they had taken serious note of the cases of missing reports, a terrorist like Bhatkal might have been in the police net long ago. Are they really serious about terrorists coming and staying in Goa? Then why is the DIG shielding his careless officers?READ

Let ‘Smita Formula’ go viral…


Student is ONE COMMUNITY, no matter which college or higher secondary school it belongs to. It is not one Smita who did it. They were almost 15. Together. United. Fighters. Be a Smita.READ

Calling RTE foolish; is foolish!


It’s not that Parrikar doesn’t know this. But being a politician, he is more obsessed with politics than the future of education. As a BJP man, he thinks he needs to take each and every opportunity to condemn the Congress and its policy; no matter it has logic or not. READ

Playboy stopped; now when will Vulgarity stop?


Do you want us to believe that Playboy was the only Club that was ruining the ethics and promoting vulgarity in the whole of Calangute belt?READ

Don’t fine the VIP Riders; Sudin-bab!


It was equally a nice gesture on the part of Avertano and Rohan to bring helmets, wear them and go back. READ

RPG21 + Art 371 will Save Goa!


While fully agreeing with Parrikar’ spirit, his government needs the political will, to combine it with practical suggestions like amending Article 371 READ

विनोदी नाटकांचें गांभिर्य वळखुया


विनोद हो तसो फकांडार उडोवपाचो विशय निखालस न्हय. उरफाटो विनोद हो सगळ्यांत गंभीर विशय. खंयच्याय विशयाचें गांभिर्य आमी विनोदांतल्यान जितलें परिणामकारकपणाक सांगपाक शकतात तितलें आनीक खंयच्याच प्रकारांतल्यान जायना. READ

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