Friday 19 July 2019

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Let the MGP 'Lion' die


It was a tactical mistake of the MGP to have an alliance with the BJP in 1994. A similar mistake the BJP is committing today, by trying to have an alliance with the MGP. READ

‘Jayega Janewala’, but…


Anthony Gonsalves is not the first one; in fact a third one who came back to live in his own Goa. But Goa did very little for them. READ

Media censorship?


The Election Commission of India appears to be heading for press censorship by taking extreme steps in implementing the election code of conduct. The intention could be sincere, but not the methods it is adopting. READ

Regional 'suppliers'


People who join these parties are either the blackmailers who don’t succeed or the rebels of the Congress or the BJP. Basically, the selfish souls who are not satisfied. READ

Was Matanhy the last hope?


Matanhy was perhaps the last hope from among the veterans, as a champion of regional aspirations. He has also now surrendered himself to the national party.READ

The war of 'Khashe'


In short, the ‘Khashe’ of Sattari are fighting each other even in election while we claim that our democracy has brought up new leadership from the downtrodden class.READ

GVP-UGDP: Advantage BJP


It would definitely benefit the BJP if GVP embraces influential Congress rebels and if sizeable number of voters rally behind them. Not otherwise. READ

All for Lion’s share!


The reason for going alone sounds logical. The logic however sounds politically illogical.READ

Sour grapes of jobs!


During election, the ruling party maintains silence and opposition cries. The Congress was crying when the BJP was in power and the vice versa today.READ

Who is scared of Shripad?


The issue here is not regarding Porvorim at all. The bone of contention is the later part. READ

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