Saturday 08 August 2020

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Are we really free?


As I write this, I must confess, I love my India and will stick to it and fight for my rights. READ

Hindutva's Hatred of Christianity: A Psychoanalytic Viewpoint


It is possible that conversions to Christianity may be happening but its scale is nowhere near to what is apprehended. The census data (Christians are 2.18 % of the population and that is declining) belies the alleged triumphalist intent of conversions.READ

Rape and Forgiveness


A nun testifies by her life that sex is not what it’s all about. Yes, sex is good, but even for healthy, sexually-active people, it doesn’t define a person nor constitute who she is. Further, for those who make the chastity vow, celibacy is something that is most sacrosanct and inviolable. READ

Knee Replacements: Are We Overdoing?


Some vouch that the problem of unwarranted knee replacement surgeries in India is worse than abroad. To add to this, most patients assume that imported implants are better and end up paying a whopping Rs 2 lakhs for the implant, plus additional fees for the surgery and hospitalization. Critics aver that surgeons earn a lot from commission on each surgery and that's why many of them promote it as a permanent solution even to patients not requiring them. READ

Portuguese legacy in Goa


It is imperative therefore that we exorcise ourselves, first and foremost, from the demons of hatred and unforgiveness that hang within us. As grown-ups it is also high time we squarely accept the blame that rests on us for the present chaos in Goa. Moreover, a healthy society doesn’t regale in the opening up of past wounds.READ

Why Goans fear deveopment


Today every piece of our land is being secured fraudulently by outsiders. Our landscape and demographic balance has been tempered with. What the Portuguese could not destroy in 451 years is being done away with in less than 70 years of our “independence”. With eyes set on filthy lucre and short term gains, we have lost so much that was precious and dear to us. READ


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