Wednesday 26 September 2018

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Unemployment doles for what, Mr Faleiro?


The possible has not been made possible. The impossible is sought for. Is that politics to fool the youth of Goa?READ

काँग्रेस हो पर्मनंट ‘सेल’


सध्या गोंय विधानसभेंत आशिल्ल्या 40 आमदारांमदले अर्दापरस चड आमदार केन्ना खंयच्या पक्षांत आशिल्ले हाच्यो यादी करतना आमी पत्रकार हांगां अक्षरशा खरशेतात. यादीच जायनात इतले हांचे पराक्रम. तातूंत सगळ्यांत आघाडेर म्हटल्यार काँग्रेस. देखूनच गिरीशान नेट्टान हें सांगलें तेन्ना सगळेच खुक्क करून हांसले आसतले. READ

सावयकारबाब; सोबना हें!


विरोध विरोधाखातीर आसचो न्हय. तांणी वॉचडॉग कशें वागचें. आनी ह्या वॉचडॉगांक ‘कॉल द डॉग मॅड अँड शूट हिम’ अशें करून सरकार पक्षानय तांची धजा मारची न्हय. दुसऱ्याची धजा माल्ली काय सदांच आपली बाजू बळकट जाता अशें ना. READ

कोंकणी अकादमीचो वर्धापन दीस; काय पुण्यतीथ?


कोंकणी राजभास जावचे पयलीं आनी जातकीर लेगीत कोंकणी चळवळीक नखलामी करपाची कापस्ताद एक्काय राजकारण्याक जायनाशिल्ली. मराठी राजभाशेची मागणी करतल्या राजकारण्यांक लेगीत. मात हांव कोंकणीचोच समर्थक असो आव हाडीत आयचे राजकारणी राजभास संचालनालय आनी कोंकणी अकादमीच्यो मात भोयो भोयो करीत सुटल्यात. READ

How do Lamanis hamper Goenkarponn; Babu?


In fact what is most shameful and a disgrace to Goenkarponn is the way Goa is transforming from our traditional hospitable culture to looting culture, says SANDESH PRABHUDESAI in his EDITHOUGHT.READ

Bipolar Election Commission


The Election Commission of India is today behaving �bipolar� with two extremities. The EVMs for the general voters and the Ballot Paper for the service voters, says SANDESH PRABHUDESAI.READ

What will BBSM achieve?


Can BBSM come to power by supporting MGP and independents? Can it win 21 seats?READ

Goa Forward: For Power or/and Goenkarponn?


Who is the threat to Goa’s DNA? Only the BJP and the MGP? Then why did the Goan voters oust the Congress in 2012? Didn’t they damage the DNA of Goa?READ

Let Cuisine unite Konkanis


Konkani cuisine is one of the richest in India. The culture of co-existence has found roads to travel this cuisine by breaking all the barriers of caste, religion, regions and countries. It is thus ideal to suggest that only the barrier-free Konkani cuisine can break all the barriers we have built around us. READ



While the BJP is desperate to retain its power with the help of minorities, the RSS wants to establish the power of majority. READ

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