Saturday 29 February 2020

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Wendell Rodricks: A Philanthropist & A Researcher

A human being who connected varied hearts of Goan society and Indians across class barriers, will thus remain in the history of mankind as a live example of what research on scientific footings engaged ... READ



Section 144 Imposed Only to Stop Anti-CAA protests?

Why impose Section 144 now? Is it because the Goa Alliance Against CAA-NRC-NPR has called for a public meeting to oppose the Citizens Amendment Act (CAA) on Friday 21 February in Panaji? READ



Don’t misjudge Rohan Khaunte’s arrest!

Is this what Goa has descended to?? An elastic police force busy collaring helmetless drivers, turning a blind eye to the flourishing drug and sex trade and efficient at protecting the dubious "honour" of all ... READ



Why Consider The Profession of Prostitution Pejorative ?

It is important that our leaders are aware of the needs of our society and address these needs through the kaleidoscope of compassion and humanism rather than through the prism of prejudice. READ



Ayodhya: The SC is not infallible

The attempts to reconstruct religious history in stone, cement and marble should come to a halt. READ



Beware of bumpy ride! Killer Potholes Ahead...

It’s Monday already and Government has yet again failed to fill potholes on Goan roads. Just last week a 26-year old lost his life while trying to avoid a pothole at Bhoma. The heavy rains ... READ



सूदिर सूक्तः निषेध विष्णू विरोधकांचा, आणि विष्णूचाही!

विष्णूंच्या कविता संग्रहास पुरस्कार मिळू नये म्हणुन ज्यानी अट्टाहास केला व ज्या सरकारने हा पुरस्कार फेटाळला त्यांचा मी निषेध करतो. त्याचबरोबर विष्णूचाही निषेध करतो. ‘सरस्वतीने’ ने प्रदान केलेलं अती सुंदर शब्द भंडार असलेला हा ‘कुबेर’ ... READ



Divided media cannot provide justice to Gauri Lankesh

If we have failed to raise our voice as effectively as we should have in previous instances of violence against journalists, then the time to change that is now: If we stay silent and disunited, ... READ



Iona heredia ( Kit Heredias wife ) : Dear Sandesh I am Kit Heredias wife Iona. Congratulations on ...READ

Shobha: A wonderful insight into Wendell's life and works. Congratulations to ...READ

Sarmalker Sanjay Dattatray : Very true the fact of public representative READ

Jack De Goan: 90% Goans (Hindus, Muslim & Christians) who are born outside ...READ

Sterling Archer: Sir , not going into the merits of your article. ...READ

Dr Olsv Albuquerque: Rohan Khaunte got a false and bogus FIR registered against ...READ

Lawrence Fernandes: But don't the Police need a Court Order to arrest ...READ

Mahesh: I'm from sanquelim like to join Goa news groupREAD

Jack De Goan: Education doesn’t guarantee that you will be successful in your ...READ

Jack De Goan: 90% Indians don’t have Birth Certificate who is born in ...READ

Jack De Goan: There is no need for any new exercise. If new ...READ

Jack De Goan: Citizenship/Nationality to Indians should be given with the existing documents ...READ

Jack De Goan: Public (Peoples) Servants are always Sad & someone is always ...READ

Jack De Goan: Public (Peoples) Servants are always Sad & someone is always ...READ

Jack De Goan: Public (Peoples) Servants are always Sad & someone is always ...READ