Thursday 18 July 2019

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Defection is a Double-Edged Sword

If it is possible to lure 10 out of 15 Congress MLAs to the BJP, surely it should also be possible to tempt 18 of the 27 BJP MLAs to ‘merge’ their party with either ... READ



Goa, Going, Gone

Come election time you will let all your fears get the better of you, go back to your familiar caste, language and religious corners and back the same corrupted Congress charlatans in different Avataars or ... READ



मर्णाचें भांगर करपी नीज गोंयकारः डॉ विल्फ्रेड मिस्कीत

केन्नाच कोणाकडेन दुस्मानकाय घेतलिना. वैचारीक मतभेद आसलेले. पूण ते कोडू जावपाक तेणे दिले नात. वैयक्तीक पावंड्यार तर केन्नाच हाडले नात. उक्त्या मनाचो, उक्त्या काळजाचो मनीस. जितलो दिलदार आऩी म्होवाळ तितलोच सडेतोड. तेचीं आपलीं म्हूण स्वताचीं ... READ



Mind Control & Cult

Thought reform or Mind Control is an invisible social adaptation brought about by a well co-ordinated program of coercive persuasion wherein the locus of control of one’s body and mind is transferred from within the ... READ



The state of the State

What is paraded is ‘fake’ government and governance through connivance of few bureaucrats directly reporting to the BJP national high-command. READ



सूदिर सूक्तः निषेध विष्णू विरोधकांचा, आणि विष्णूचाही!

विष्णूंच्या कविता संग्रहास पुरस्कार मिळू नये म्हणुन ज्यानी अट्टाहास केला व ज्या सरकारने हा पुरस्कार फेटाळला त्यांचा मी निषेध करतो. त्याचबरोबर विष्णूचाही निषेध करतो. ‘सरस्वतीने’ ने प्रदान केलेलं अती सुंदर शब्द भंडार असलेला हा ‘कुबेर’ ... READ



Divided media cannot provide justice to Gauri Lankesh

If we have failed to raise our voice as effectively as we should have in previous instances of violence against journalists, then the time to change that is now: If we stay silent and disunited, ... READ



Loss of shine as Dalit card being overplayed

The Presidency of the country is battered for political expediency with an eye on 2019 election. The ceremonial post is losing its shine with the question being raised: Do we need a President at all?, ... READ



Vishnu Naik: During 80,s social media was not existing, now it is ...READ

M D Phal: I disagree with Dr Oscar that Valmiki, Elvis and Velingakar ...READ

Jack De Goan: All Goans from all over the India and World must ...READ

Jack De Goan: Judas did not killed Jesus but he supported the Killer, ...READ

nilesh: मनाच्या तळापासून वाहिलेली शब्दसुमनांजली. वाचकांसाठी उद्बोधक.READ

पुष्पा नायक: संदेशबाब, तुमी कितें बरयलां तशें खूबशा जाणांक दिसता! ...READ

RBS komarpant: सुंदर लेख ...READ

Shivanand ainapurkar : Government should take some steps in private sector job ...READ

श्री. संदिप द. ना. गांवकर: संदेशबाब, घटकराज्याच्या संबंधान तुवे उक्तायले ...READ

Rajendra Dessai: BJP on its own can not cross 100 seat this ...READ

Simon Fernandes : Fully agree to what Dr. Oscar has expressed. A priest ...READ

Jeevan Mascarenhas: Well said Doc this is very unbecoming of a Catholic ...READ

Dexter: Totally agree with Oscar. It's despicable how we callously utter ...READ

RP: Why this Christian hate. If anyone from majority community had ...READ

Stephen coutinho: Why not combine with anti bjp forces to get rid ...READ