Friday 07 August 2020

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Antigen Test may allow Covid-positives entry into Goa

Why is the Goa government relying on a test for those entering the state that gives false negatives? Why is it endangering the health of the state’s residents? READ



Govt’s Covid Bulletin should ‘lead’ us, not mislead

The official Covid bulletin, thus, is not a mere game of numbers. It is also not a document of ‘information’ alone, but also ‘knowledge’. A direction in terms of taking precautions, being cautious, alert and ... READ



Who is the real enemy of Claude?

The real enemy, albeit unwittingly, of Claude Alvares is not the mining mafia or the venal politicians or grubby cops. His real enemy and biggest betrayers are... READ



Pandemic facilitates environment misery(Cleofato Almeida Coutinho)

Ricardo Salles the Brazilian environment minister was recorded in April as saying Government should take advantage of Coronavirus pandemic to relax environmental regulations......hE was honest by our standards... READ



The Language of Non Thought

There are a lot of thought terminating clichés inserted, apparently meaningfully, in the political discourse nowadays. Take for example “urban naxal” or “presstitute” or “lutyens lobby” or “khan market gang”, “tukde tukde gang”…. Did you ever ... READ



Rehabilitate Mapusa Urban, don’t annihilate (By Prabhakar Timble)

That such a ruthless killing of Goa’s oldest cooperative bank is accepted without a murmur of dissent by cooperators, shareholders and other stakeholders is an even more dangerous writing on the wall. READ



Beware of bumpy ride! Killer Potholes Ahead...

It’s Monday already and Government has yet again failed to fill potholes on Goan roads. Just last week a 26-year old lost his life while trying to avoid a pothole at Bhoma. The heavy rains ... READ



सूदिर सूक्तः निषेध विष्णू विरोधकांचा, आणि विष्णूचाही!

विष्णूंच्या कविता संग्रहास पुरस्कार मिळू नये म्हणुन ज्यानी अट्टाहास केला व ज्या सरकारने हा पुरस्कार फेटाळला त्यांचा मी निषेध करतो. त्याचबरोबर विष्णूचाही निषेध करतो. ‘सरस्वतीने’ ने प्रदान केलेलं अती सुंदर शब्द भंडार असलेला हा ‘कुबेर’ ... READ



ORLANDO Da SILVA: Hats off to you doctor. Well said who the real ...READ

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Dr francis almeida : The suggestion of Mr Atul Jadhav has weight it’s the ...READ

Jack De Goan: Mines belong to Goans and hence Goans must get Mines ...READ

Francis Monteiro: Well said Dr Rebello. Goa needs to salute this man ...READ

Angelo Pais: Yes. Oscar is right. We are the ones who elect ...READ

Stanley: Fortunately I can read and write and understand that our ...READ

Jose Heredia: You couldn't be more right OscarQOwREAD

Abhijit Almeida : Oscar is just so succinct, to the issue and communicates ...READ

Heta Pandit: Couldn't agree more dr Oscar. Today it is Claude, tomorrow ...READ

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