Tuesday 23 May 2017

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The Politics of Loyalty and Betrayal    

Thus, in our context, we can see how the BJP claims that is represents the interest of the Indian Hindus while it simply represents the interest of the corporate in India. But to mask this, ... READ



Are we really free?

As I write this, I must confess, I love my India and will stick to it and fight for my rights. READ



Goans are already enjoying dual citizenship from 1961

In the case of Goans, born before 20.12.1961, none of us have “voluntarily acquired” citizenship of Portugal. On the contrary, the citizenship of India has been conferred on us, despite the fact that Goans continue ... READ



JNU, and the idea of India

Ask any of them what JNU gave them, and they will tell you it broadened their perspective, introduced them to ideas, even dissenting ones, prepared them for competition, gave them self-confidence, and fired them up ... READ



The Spring I Soaked In…..

Vasant Karapurkar, the freedom fighter, was not a nationalist in the narrow sense of the word. Neither did he hate the Portuguese nor was he proud of the so called Indian culture. His was a ... READ



Why and How Investment Promotion Policy is draconian

The Act ominously states: “All provisions in Government of Goa Acts and Statutes cease to apply” in all those areas declared “Investment Promotion Areas.” The Act is to be implemented through the Goa Investment Promotion ... READ




Behind the waterfall a tiny shrub was growing in a crack in the rock. A little bird had built her nest there and in the midst of the rush of water, it sat in perfect ... READ



This isn't my old Dharwad, where now Kalburgi is killed

Dharwar was the place to rest, recover, sing all night and then move on. Stories are recounted with awe and a sense of participation in a special history: “Ustad Abdul Karim Khan was a frequent ... READ



Jack De Goan: Aadhar Card should be scrap! It should be Passport Copy for ...READ

Jack De Goan: Goans tried Goan Party (GFP)! What happened all Goans knows? Always ...READ

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Jack De Goan: Aadhar Card should be scrap! It should be Passport Copy for ...READ

Jack De Goan: Panchayat and Bypoll Election must be contest through Ballot Paper ...READ

Jack De Goan: Curses of Goans will have on GFP & Team. They ...READ

Ravindra : People like a person who acts, maybe for correct or ...READ

Jack De Goan: Being AAP just less than 5 Years, it has defeated ...READ

Jack De Goan: Being AAP just less than 5 Years, it has defeated ...READ

John: nice article , but your headline is not so good. ...READ

Satyendra Sonar: Hi You wrote about the mistakes which are convenient for AAP. You ...READ

Vijay B Saxena: Rajeev Sir, an exceptional writer / Journolist /political analyst. God ...READ

Aditya: Yes.. Agreed & very much required but, considering dey should ...READ

Jack De Goan: 2017 Goa Assembly Election Result was announced without counting VVPAT. ...READ