Saturday 08 August 2020

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Wagh to be elevated as ESG chairman


Vishnu Wagh will be elavated as the chairman of Entertainment Society of Goa.

This was announced by chief minister Manohar Parrikar today at the general council meeting of the ESG.

Today is Wagh’s birthday and it was a birthday gift announced by Parrikar, who is presently the ESG chairman.

Parrikar said he would be given the post after the ESG constitution is amended.

Presently, the information minister is de facto the ESG chairman.

“We will change it to the information minister or the person appointed by the government”, he said.

Wagh is presently the vice chairman of the ESG.

Known more widely as a creative writer and a poet, Wagh is also the chairman of the Goa Kala Academy.

His elevation to the higher post gains significance in the background of the reported game of toppling the Parrikar government, which fizzled out recently.

Wagh was rumoured to be the most vociforous BJP legislator, who had later on announced that he would never involve himself in such toppling games.

He had however publicly expressed his unhappiness over functioning of the government as well as his desire to become a minister.

While reacting to the announcement, Wagh claimed that he had not asked for any post including the ESG head.

“The CM has decided to hand over his responsibility to me since he gets no time to concentrate on ESG”, said Wagh, while thanking Parrikar for the birthday gift.

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Every legislator must be given equal opportunity to earn money. If ministers can amass a huge wealth why not a talented and multi faceted MLA like Wagh?

He too has to survive in this competitive politics and needs money before the next elections. How can one single him out and blame him for his deeds?

Parrikar Sir is smart. In this second coming of his he has learnt the tricks to manage all kinds of people in the government. He can't afford Wagh to become another Digambar Kamat who pulled the mat under the feet of Parrikar.

Wagh should not care for any criticism and carry on with his own style in politics. He is neither born with a silver spoon nor has any established business to earn his livelihood. All these years he has been a full time politician and like any other politician has his 'own' sources of income. I do not know why others have to get a headache if wants to make money. Everyone knows that as a Chairman of Kala Academy he doesn't have much chance to earn money. IFFI is a Rs. 36 crore brand and gives him enough chance to get commissions . What he got from Nitin Desai during last IFFI was just a paltry sum compared to what other minsters earn.

Wagh aage badho aur aapka pet bhi aur aage badhe.

You are the voice of bahujan samaj and bahujan samaj will be empowered only when it has a lot of money.

Akshay Kandeparkar , Panaji

I will "respect" the opinion of BERNARDO LOPES , DUBAI MEDIA INC...but prefer to disagree with it.

In my opinion and that of many others too, Mr Vishnu Wagh is not a trustworthy person.

He is known to swear loyalty to one Political Part that will serve his "personal needs". If not ,he discards them, if his needs are not met.

On close observation , Mr Vishnu Wagh has the same demeanour, facial expressions, mannerisms, eye movements, tendencies and loyalties as that of Churchill Alemao. He has difficulty looking at you in the eye when questioned, which is an established sign of a deceitful person.

Vishnu Wagh (like Churchill Alemao) ,is no more than a "Jumped-up" or over-rated Politician.

He has consecrated himself as the new "Ayatolla" of St. Andre. He joined the BJP Party thinking he will be their new Saviour.

Guys like Churchill & Wagh, when they cannot get their toys(political) to play with start throwing Tantrums like a spoilt child.

There is no concrete rule, that a Novelist, that only appeals to a small segment of people, makes a good all round Politician.

It is my personal belief that like Churchill Alemao, Mr Wagh is in Politics for the ease of making corrupted/black money and is not in politics for the Good of any Goan Citizen....or even ART in all its forms.

The ESG is an extremely corrupt Organisation. many others.

It is unlikely to fair any better or progress further under Vishnu Wagh. In due course it will be tainted even further.

The only thing that is likely to improve with his appointment, will be the personal financial net-worth of Vishnu Wagh.

N.Fernandes , London

Mr.Vishnu Wagh is the perfect legislator who is fit for this post, no doubt about it. Keep up the good work sir and I hope you introduce new concepts in the ESG.