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Anna Hazare, Medha Patkar plan national movement on Right to Information


Anna Hazare, the crusader fighting corruption in the Indian society, is now planning a national level movement for right to information, in association with several like-minded groups.

A step has already been initiated in this regard by organising a state-level convention in Pune last week, to demand right to information legislation in Maharashtra, on the lines of what exists in the neighbouring state of Goa.

Following this, he plans to convene a meeting of several democratic organisations and journalists in Delhi by March, in association with all those groups fighting for the right to information in several parts of the country.

"It will be a movement with a foresight, vision, commitment and dedication, to achieve ultimate freedom. Rather than confrontation, it would stress upon having dialogue with the concerned authorities", said Hazare while speaking at the state-level convention held at Shivshankar Hall in Pune on Sunday.

Hazare also felt the need to free the system from corruption, due to which all the projects and policies have been swollen beyond limits. The capitalists run the country today, with the help of politicians and goondas while the Official Secrets Act of the British regime is still being used to hide all the facts and figures, he observed.

Narmada Bachao Andolan leader Medha Patkar, while speaking on the occasion, stressed upon decentralisation of the system to provide information. She however firmly believes that its purpose would not be fulfilled unless the citizen is also granted with the right to assent or dissent.

It is a contradiction, she said, that people have all the information of ongoing corruption at all levels but do not wish to use it to undo the corrupt system. On the other hand, she pointed out, that even the locals governments and politicians are ill-informed about several policies and programmes as they are planned in places like Washington.

Dr Kumar Saptarshi, the organiser of the convention, visualised a movement at grass root level which should be stronger than any political party at local level. The right to information movement should also bridge the widening gap between politics and social activity, he felt.

Dr Chittaranjan Sathe, while presenting a legal viewpoint, also appealed to the organisers to build a positive movement through awareness and dialogue from journalists to the bureaucrats while also lobbying at political level. The officials Secrets Act also needs to rewritten in the changing context, he added.

Prof G P Pradhan, an ideologue, cautioned not to fall prey to the misconception of the new inventions of the information technology. The IT should not be used merely to seek information but to translate it into knowledge by analysing it and using it ultimately for the healthy growth of all spectrums of the society, he said.

The convention also appreciated efforts of Goan journalists who, in association with several NGOs and people, managed to get a positive legislation of right to information passed two years ago. Sandesh Prabhudesai, representing Goan journalists, explained the pros and cons of Goa's legislation at the convention.

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Today's Youth icon is ANNA HAZARE for Aam Aadmi and not Rahul Gandhi, any doubt? Good Job Students, Keep it up. GOD BLESS YOU. Wake up Tamil Nadu Wake up. Support ANNA, Save India. JAI HIND.

Dinesh , usa



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