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Valanka seeks 'Portuguese' (?) Caitu's disqualfication


Caetano alias Caitu Silva

Defeated Benaulim candidate Valanka Alemao has filed a disqualification plea in the high court against Benaulim MLA Caetano Silva, claiming that he is a Portuguese citizen.

Goa Vikas Party MLA Silva however has refuted the charge stating that he is holding only Indian passport.

While declining to reveal all the details, Congress loser Valanka said Silva alias Caitu was born in Portugal, thus cannot call himself the Indian citizen.

Since only Indian citizen can contest any election in the country, she has pleaded before the Bombay high court at Panaji that Caitu be disqualified.

Many Goans have been opting out of India by becoming Portuguese citizens since it opens the gateway for Europe to get employment.

Portugal has opened up citizenship of its country for Goans on the grounds that Goa was a colony of Portugal for 450 years, till 19 December 1961.

As a result, these Portuguese citizens automatically lose Indian citizenship as well as Indian passport.

Caitu however claims he has only Indian passport with him.

However, many Goans were born in Portugal or many other Portuguese colonies since their parents had migrated to those countries for employment.

It appears that Caitu’s case, filed by Valanka, falls in this category.

The court would now decide whether Caitu, or several other citizens like Caitu, become Indian citizens once they return to their homeland.

Valnka had lost the election in Benaulim in recently concluded Assembly poll against Caitu by 2001 votes. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Bai Valanka Alemao what is your problem, why you are

so desperate and look ugly being not elected by

Benaulim people. You cannot climb without ladder

you need strong and ladder to climb. You may be a

lawyer you need better and capable sense like your

father, learn from him first criminal and corruption

adopt this scheme then only you will able to climb.

Do not beleive that goa people trust your father and

uncle not even think about that, people respect them

due to their muscles and goondagiri. Do not bang

empty drum saying that you hold this passport or next

hold something else. You loose and finished

Churchill goonda raj. You do your law practice give up

who eat what and who have red and black


Domnick , Bahrain

I agree and disagree to some of the posts here! I am happy and unhappy about some of the election results.

But what I am very happy about is that the " CHURCHILL GROUP " is scraped and hopefully scraped for good. !

Goa has had enough of Corruption at the highest level,Goondagiri at a disgusting level !!!

He blames everyone but himself. Goenkars ,never heard about the old saying " A carpenter always blames his tools "

As for his notorious daughter,I have heard some damning stories of her corrupt practices.She seemed to me as if she was following in her father's footsteps.Bet Churchill was proud of her till Goenkars taught them a lesson. Perhaps they won't forget that in a hurry ! Goenkars,heres another old saying, " An apple does not fall far from the tree "

One last saying in Konkanni.Please forgive me for my spellings,I'm sure most of you will understand it.

" Bei thesh baath " My understanding of it is " If the seed is rotten ,so will be the fruit " The seed being Churchill,the fruit being Valanka.

Last but not the least, I hope those " Laadyeche " or " Lembde " followers of his have learnt their lesson.

Viva Goenkars,for bringing change to our GOA !

L Fernandes , Benaulim

Our new CM Mr. M Parikar should try hard to give dual citizenship status to required Goan individuals. Portuguese & Indian citizen combination (since Goa was a former Portugal colony). If the CM cannot do it by himself from Goa through amendment, then he has to initiate legislation through Parliament. This will bring lot of investment to Goa from large sections of Goans who have settled abroad. Also highly educated & intelligent people who have migrated abroad will think of returning back to their native country. Our youngsters studying in Europe will have privilege to move across Europe freely and get benefits of free higher education. If we do not take this step now then after 20 years we will see more than 50% of our population comprising of migrants from neighboring states controlling most of our business and resources and Goans will be outsiders in their own land.

shekhar , Saudi-Arabia

HI Satu , Goa:::: I fully agree with your view.

Everyone understands that when someone is suffering from an "addiction", like a smoker, gambler or alcoholic or is addicted to something,or suffering from ODS (Obsessive Compulsive Dis-Order) they have a difficulty giving it up or surrendering it.

Valanka Alemao( and some members of her family) by all accounts,and from many reliable people too, has been in receipt of huge amounts of cash from jobseekers and PWD Contractors.It is a daily occurence

In addition, any person visiting her very , very high security Office in Benaulim,more secure than Fort Knox (USA) or the Reserve Bank of India Vaults,where everyone is frisked and has to remove all electronic devices like mobile phones and even pens, and chappals..are asked to make a donation of some sort for her petty social Working schemes.

Anyone disagreeing with her views or finiancial demands or requests,are usually at the receiving end,of her very sharp and also blunt parts of her foul tongue.

Having spent Rs crores (un-declared) in cash & goods,to bribe voters,and in her desperate quest to become an MLA,she now finds her self experiencing a depletion of her financial assets.They have been throttled.They have been squeezed.The inflow of huge cash amounts has, but disappeared and dried up.

As we all ,very well know, that anyone suffering from an adddiction,in most instances,resort to very desperate measures, when their source of addiction, is denied to them or they are unable to feed their addiction.One of the most commonest methods of obtaining a "FIX" is stealing.

Valanka Alemao, is currently experiencing some of these symptoms.She is on a day to day basis , becoming desperate as she cannot find sources to feed her monetary addictions.Her main suppliers, like jobseekers and PWD contractors are now drying up.She does not know how to change the tides.

Other contestants in Benaulim, who also have a Right,have not questioned or complained , thus far, about Caitu`s D`silvas election qualifications,elegibility or validity.It had to be done by ,none other than a desperate Valanka Alemao,daughter of Churchill Alemao.

Having lost the elections, in shame and dis-belief,she has seen an impropriety,in HINDSIGHT> And within 4 weeks of the Election results being declared she also managed to find damaging Documentray proof of her adversary.

Even "IF" Caitu D`silva` s election is declared as null & Void,it is highly unlikely that Valanka Alemao will win the Benaulim Constituency By-election.

The voters,who previously have voted for the Alemao`s out of fear and a bizzare sense of loyalty, are now fully aware that the Alemao Family are dispensable.They can be disposed-off unceremoniuosly.Their (Voters) loyalty is no longer up for sale.

Goans should not expect Valanka Alemao, to stop with this incident (Caitu D`silva). There will be more to follow. Each one is going to be more bizzare than the first.

DESPERATION can lead to strange behaviour patterns.

Welcome to Valanka`s world

N.Fernandes , London

Hi vishwas Prabhudesai::::If a parent was born in Goa / India and also travelled to a foreign country on an Indian Passport (for work purposes), than any child born abroad has the RIGHT to become an Indian Citizen, even after the age of Majority(18 Years old).Many Gulf Nations do not allow children of Indians,born in their countries, to become Citizens of their Country.The are classed as "dependants" of an Indian Citizen.

N.Fernandes , London

Hi Uday-Margao::: I think you need to re-read my comment in reference to yours.I have not criticised your comment.Neither am I confused by it.

All I am stating is that Children, born abroad, to parents of Indian or Goan ancestry are entitled to Indian Citizenship under a proccess called naturalisation.

Many Goans returned from East Africa in the late 60`s & 70`s to re-settle in Goa and other parts of India.All the children that were born in East Africa,now living in Goa, are fully fledged Indian Citizens.

You are at liberty to confirm this.

Children born in the UK, of Indian / Goan Parentage and ancestry, can also accquire Indian Citizenship if they fully revoke their British Citizenship and meet all the standard qualification criteria.The main essence is "proven" Indian / Goan Ancestry (blood).

Dual Nationality is obtained on similar grounds,but with some restrictions.

N.Fernandes , London

There could be many cases of kids born in foreign countries to Goan/ Indian Parents gone out for bread and butter. It would be interesting to know the legal angle about the citizenship of such kids once they return back home....

vishwas prabhudesai , loliem

Hi N.Fernandes…… appear to be more confused than Valanka Alemao! Is it? Or are you disturbed because I dragged in Sonia Gandhi’s name while commenting on the news article! Valanka Alemao appears frustrated because there is no ‘Alemao’ in the elected MLAs list which can be seen by the very fact, as you rightly pointed out, that she opted to by-pass the Legal obligations & Authority of the Goa State Legislature Speaker, and even the Election Commission of India!

In my earlier posting to which you have reacted, I’ve only interpreted the ‘line’ (version) that appeared on goanews website. Most importantly, I’ve nothing to lose or gain even if Silva is disqualified or qualified by the court.

As for me, I know everything about passport and citizenship issue.

Most importantly, question for thought, how can Valanka pray to the court that he (Silva alias Caitu) be declared disqualified on the stand taken by Valanka and she be declared winner? Next, if for whatever reasons Silva is declared disqualified Valanka in no way can be appointed winner even though she secured second highest votes… must be decided only by reelection, is this not correct!

As is appeared on local dailies, Silva is born in Goa and holds and uses only India Passport to travel out of Goa. Valanka is confusing with what document Silva is holding i.e. ‘Cartao de cidadao’ which was formerly called ‘Bilhete de identidade’ which has nothing to do with passport or nationality. This document only suggests that the person is born during Portuguese regime or has legacy of person born during that regime. This document only allows the person to travel freely in any EU countries.

Uday , Margao

Valanka has found her hands empty after finding herself being isolated by her fake supporters. The inflow of cash has stopped as there is no need of bribe to get jobs or govermental favors. She like controversies therefore she thought of passing her time with the case to unimpress the remaining fellows.

Satu , Goa

Hi Uday Margao::::It is possible for Indians born abroad to "NATURALISE" themselves, to become a Citizen of India, or an Indian Citizen.The criteria required, is that the parent has Indian lineage.Here is a description of what India accepts..."Indian nationality law largely follows the jus sanguinis (citizenship by right of blood) as opposed to the jus soli (citizenship by right of birth within the territory."

N.Fernandes , London

Under the standard decency of PROTOCOL, how come Valanka Alemao has chosen to by-pass the Legal obligations & Authority of the Goa State Legislature/ Speaker, and the Election Commission of India, in this case?Are they irrelevant in the matter?

N.Fernandes , London

Congress loser Valanka said "Silva alias Caitu was born in Portugal, thus cannot call himself the Indian citizen."

If the high court up-holds this disqualification plea than silva gets disqualified, but the judgement will have far reaching consequences because Sonia Gandhi who is born in Itali and was holding Italian pasport even after her marrage with Rajiv Gandhi will also get disqualified automatically.

Uday , Margao

Aires Rodrigues, a well known Goan Advocate,NGO and Activist defends his own Court Cases / litigations.Some of these are extremly complex and are also defended, in the Supreme Court

Is there any reason, why Valanka Alemao,who proclaims herself as an ADVOCATE,Advertises herself as an Advocate, emblazones it on each and every Advertisment, most notably on her specialisation of inagurations of Hot-Mixing of petty and irrelevant Goan roads....cannot defend her self.She has sought the Counsel of Adv. S Karpe.

Strangely, Valanka defended her father Churchill Alemao in the SGF Party disqualification case.

One would assume, Valanka is well versed in Indian Constitutional Affairs, by her appearance at the Goa Legislature,dressed in Court apparell or garments ,out of a Court.

I am also aware of a Pointless Pilot called YURI, that does not fly planes, within the family circle. He could not be afraid of "heights", looking at the heights of Mining Ore, "raised" above eye-level, by his father Joaquim Alemao.

So are all these qualifications of Advocates & Pilots and skin specialists and beauty specialistss and Dynamic Social workers, within the Alemao family of Varca,a fraud , to deceive the Goan People?...and worse still to be a front to loot the State,and the people?

N.Fernandes , London

Valanka Bai what are you trying to gain now.Do not get

panic that Caitu is portuguese national. There are so

many indians holding other nationalies and the government post in India. Do not surprise for that. Do not try to issue which have no sense, learn from your

father what is loophone agende he have. There is no

such law as far I know that OCI cannot be minister or

hold certain post in India.Read your law book and dont

play havoc because you and your family lost this election you and your family ruin the congress image

by corruption, criminal etc. Counts those step and play

you empty drum,

Sanjay Kumar , Margao-Goa

My humble request to Mr M Pariker not to dirty his hands with all the loosers of congress, they will try and instigate. I feel the present chief minister should clean up all the mess created by congress and give the goans a smooth and clean governance, But make sure the Lokukta bill get it signed and implement it as soon as posible . Although everybody knows the congress at Centre is trying to delay it. All the peninding cases and new cases will be filed against all the currupt MLA's and ministers which will keep them occupied specially valanka to defend Churchhill and her uncle.

By the way i hope Mr Caitu is not holding any other passport than indian, and moreover if today goans are opting Portuguese passport it is due to they are allowed as per the system and its make easy for them to travel abroad and earn the living which congress govt in goa were only robbing instead of taking care of the youth and providing the jobs.for them

domnic , bahrain

Valanka should take a jump. Caitu still holds an Indian passport. Its sad that she lost her chances to robbing like her father.

well done Caitu, the people of Benaulim are with you. throw the Alemaos in the garbage.

Cynthia , Goa

Valanka said Silva alias Caitu was born in Portugal, thus cannot call himself the Indian citizen.

What about Sonia Gandhi? Born in Italy.Can she call herself Indian citizen? Then she should also be disqualified


thanks for the news. Very interesting too.

If he is born in Portugal, he may still be an Indian Citizen

'A person born outside India on or after 26th January 1950 but before 10th December 1992 is a citizen of India by descent, if his father was a citizen of India by birth at the time of his birth.

Proivded his birth was registered in the Indian Consulate there

JoeGoaUk , Agassaim

Caitu was elected for who he is and not for where he was born. Valanks's ignorant act is of a desperate woman that cannot understand that her THUGGISH family is not wanted in Goa.

DiogoF , Margao

It seems like the Alemaos are bad losers.

Churchill on losing calimed he lost because of Digamber Kamat, Priests and EVM`s.

Valanka on the other hand, is perhaps indicating that she has lost, due to Caitu`s being in possession, of a Portugese Passport?

There are strong "allegations",from reliable sources, that several members of the Alemao family are currently holding Portuguese Identity cards (Billet de Identidade).It would not be difficult for the Alemaos to obtain these Identities,using undue influence.They are well known for this various forms of bribery, including threatening to harm innocent children.

There is nothing that stops Goans , holding Portuguese Passport,or ,any person of Indian origin or of Indian parentage, holding any other Passport, renouncing or giving them up, in favour of Indian Passports.Many Goans have already done so.

Goans living in Goa , holding "Foreign Passports" (not OCI/PIO),have to pay a yearly Bond / Surety of approx Rs 10,000/= to remain in Goa indefinetely.

Looks like the Alemaos are tasting "Sour Grapes" at pesent.As Sociopaths , they will accept nothing less than their own ways.As per the Alemao`s Laws, only they can own Goa , and no one else.It is their by Right.It belongs to no other Goan, and we are purely their subjects.

Prior to the recently concluded Elections, the Alemaos went out of their way, to find out if candidates contesting against them, were holding Portuguese Passports.It was one of their well known methods to dis-credit opponents.Previously Miccky Pacheco had to face these allegations from Churchill Alemao.Mickky Pacheco was alleged & accused to be holding a USA "Green CARD".

It is time that the State of Goa, and Mr Parrikar investigates the Alemaos for all their corruptness & crookedness.

Goans all over the world, are looking forward to seeing the Alemaos subjected to Justice and better still jailed and all the loot confiscated.

Regardless of Caitu D`silvas current difficulty with his Nationality, it is highly unlikely that Valanka Alemao will ever win Benaulim Constituency in a by-election.In the last election she was only able to have a slight majority from 4 polling booths or wards.

In my interactions with Goans of all persuasions & stratas of Society, no one likes her and she is the most hated woman in Goa,bar none other.

N.Fernandes , London



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