Sunday 30 August 2015

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BJP's new gamble, allows Casinos in Mandovi for 7 more months

Like casinos, Goa government also seems to be playing a roulette game on the issue of relocating the casino vessels from river Mandovi. The people are losing the game while the rulers are winning. READ

9 night clubs in Calangute shut down

Nine night clubs in Goa's famous Calangute village have been closed by the district administration after police report claimed that these places were being run as "dance bars". READ

After 'innovation' award, 'home-award' for Parulekar in Tourism...

Yesterday, they congratulated tourism minister for being ‘innovative’ in promoting tourism in Goa. And today they grilled him for not doing enough to attract tourists. Who? Well, the ruling BJP MLAs! READ

Where do you want Casinos to be shifted? You may suggest

Yes, you can also suggest where else the floating casinos can be relocated, while shifting it from River Mandovi. READ

Charters may skip Goa (India) this season

Weak rouble led to a drop in Russian visitors to Goa last winter and the state's travel companies fear arrivals could decline this year too with Airport Authority of India (AAI) hiking the deposit amount ... READ

गोल्फ कोर्साक विरोध करून भायर 'सॅटलमेंट' करतातः मुख्यमंत्र्याचो आरोप

“कांय लोक (विरोधी पक्षांतले) कांय प्रकल्पांक विधानसभेंत विरोध करून ताचेर मागीर भायर आपलो ‘सॅटलमेंट’ करतात. हांव विधानसभेचो असो गैरवापर करपाक दिवचों ना.” READ

HC stays major development of Terekhol golf course

The Bombay High Court has allowed M/s Leading Hotels Limited (LHL) to continue with the construction of two model villas as per licences granted to the company for its Terekhol Golf and Resort Project in ... READ

Why everybody in Goa insists on cash payment?

The trouble is that almost everyone in Goa (other than the five star hotels) wants to be paid in cash. READ

S Africa adventure tourism attracts Indian women

Indian women are the biggest participants of adventure tourism sector in South Africa with a majority of them taking part in sports like bungee jumping, sky diving, shark diving and mountain trail, a senior country ... READ

Ropeway across Mandovi is eyewash: BJP MLA

Goa tourism department's proposal for a rope-way connecting Reis Magos village to Campal ward of Panaji, has met with strong opposition from ruling legislator Michael Lobo who termed it as a mere "eyewash". READ