Tuesday 28 March 2017

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Dr Claude supports AAP stand on mining, with objections

Goa Foundation has supported the stand taken by the Aam Aadmi Party on the mining issue, but with certain reservations and objections. READ

New SC order likely to halt mining of 40 leases, until…

A Supreme Court order last week in one case of a mining company may spell doom over at least 40 mining leases, which may not be able to resume mining operations from October. READ

Centre to hold all-state meet in Goa on illegal mining

The Centre will hold a crucial meeting of all the states in Goa on May 27 to discuss issues like illegal mining and e-auctioning of mining blocks, a senior official said today. READ

Caurem tribals march to Panaji, approaching SC to expose illegalities

Caurem villagers have decided to approach the court by next week if Goa government does not stop ongoing illegal transportation of iron ore in their village of Quepem taluka. READ

Will Govt probe both Ravindra and Fomento, if it was a bribe?

In a case of bribe, the crime is committed by both, the one who takes the bribe and also the one who gives it. READ

Was crop damage compensation to Caurem shown as extortion by Fomento?

Did tribal leader Ravindra Velip extort Rs 23 lakh from Fomento? And did Fomento fall prey to the blackmail of the tribal youth of Caurem and paid them such a huge amount as a bribe? READ

Caurem talks end with CM going tough on allowing ore transport

The Caurem issue took a turnaround today with government going tough on the issue of terming the transport of e-auctioned ore illegal. READ

Caurem tribals stop ore transport which starts despite CM’s order

It was a shocking morning for the tribals of Caurem village when they had to come back on the road once again as the ore transport started despite chief minister’s order to stop all the ... READ

Ore transport stopped amidst talks; will CM conduct inventory at Caurem?

The talks were inconclusive, but Goa government has agreed to suspend the ore transport from Caurem until all the issues of the tribal villagers are resolved. READ

Vedanta exports 1.6 million MT ore in last fiscal quarter

Metals and mining group Vedanta today said the Goan iron ore arm reported sales of 1.6 million tonnes (MT) during January-March quarter of the last fiscal. READ