Saturday 07 March 2015

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CM orders closure of Meta Strips

Amicable solution on the controversy over Meta Strips issue appears visible with chief minister Francisco Sardinha ordering clsoure of the factory immediately. The decision was taken at a cabinet meeting today evening after the first ... READ

Sec 144 throughout Goa, AMCAC to intensify stir

Peaceful Goa appears to be turning into tension-prone area with the state government imposing section 144 throughout the state while agitators of five villages in South Goa threatening to spread their violent stir against the ... READ

Cortalim turns violent, CM asures to stop work at Meta Strips

The year-long agitation against the controversial Meta Strips project in South Goa has turned violent with agitators blocking the national highway here and burning down state-owned buses while the state government has gone ahead allowing ... READ

Tourism granted industry status, amidst confusion

The unilateral decision of the state government to grant industry status to tourism may result in ultimately the tourist state losing on revenue count rather than earning anything, though the hotel lobby here has welcomed ... READ

Sardinha scraps Cong's panel, appoints another to probe Meta Strips

Governments keep on changing in Goa, but only with a difference of opinion on who will share the power and not on the crucial ecological and developmental issues the tiny tourist state is confronted with. ... READ

MPT strike total, though unloading allowed

The four-day old national level port strike may not prolong for long as all the 11 ports in India had already made enough financial provision in order to meet all the 15 demands put before ... READ

Cabinet sub-com to study uniform tax policy

Goa is already suffering from less amount of grants being received from the centre. Still the tourist state has decided not to implement the uniform sales tax policy as per the categorised minimum floor rate ... READ

Pepsi may take over bottling in Goa & Karnataka

Pepsi Foods Ltd, one of the biggest soft drink multinational, is likely to take over bottling operations in Goa and Karnataka, from its three-year old franchise bottler, the House of Timblos.Surprisingly, the proposal in this ... READ

Goa may not benefit from uniform tax policy

Rather than benefiting, Goa may lose revenue on the count of the uniform sales tax policy in spite of the fact that the existing tax structure is much below average in the tourist state here.The ... READ

Sardinha allows ST holiday till March 2000

In a major step to reverse the cabinet decision of his predecessor, chief minister Francisco Sardinha has announced that the sales tax exemption for the new industries would remain in force up to March 2000.The ... READ