Thursday 23 March 2017

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Did Govt conspire to lift Meta Strips closure ?

While the controversial Meta Strips project has begun its operations following the supreme court order, the state government here has been accused of colluding with the company to get the closure of the factory lifted.The ... READ

SC opens Meta Strips, AMCAC to intensify stir

The supreme court has temporarily put to rest the controversy over Meta Strips project in Goa by granting interim stay on the government order to close the factory, thereby allowing the company to begin production.The ... READ

Govt creates confusion in SC, Meta Strips production begins

The controversial Meta Strips issue has suddenly taken a strange turn with the Goa government's counsel in the Supreme Court initially agreeing to lift the closure of the copper processing plant and the advocate general ... READ

Destroy ecology, enjoy charity !

Is charity subject to free hand given for destruction of environment ?The question is being asked in Goa today as Goan patients visiting a naturopathy centre in Bangalore are denied admission, branding them as troublemakers, ... READ

Greenpeace opposes Meta Strips

While the state government has announced an expert committee to probe into the pollution angle of the controversial Meta Strips project here, Greenpeace, an international group of environmentalists, has strongly come out against the setting ... READ

Four experts to probe Meta Strips pollution

Four top scientists at national level will now probe into the pollution angle of the controversial Meta Strips Ltd, a copper processing unit in Goa set up with Spanish collaboration by Sushil Khaitan and House ... READ

Meta Strips closure won't send wrong signals : CM

Goa government has dismissed the allegation that wrong signals are being sent all over the country due to closure of the controversial Meta Strips plant in South Goa following violent public protest early this month.Stating ... READ

Will AMCAC agree to experts' committee ?

The closure of the controversial Meta Strips plant has definitely helped in diffusing the violent situation due to which the tourist state was paralysed for almost a week. But the real issue still lies ahead ... READ

Peace restored in Goa, hunger strike withdrawn

Peace has been fully restored in Goa with Meta Strips company officials agreeing in writing to stop all the work at the factory and the 13-day hunger strike by the agitators being finally withdrawn today ... READ

Deadlock over Meta Strips, Co threatens to challenge closure order

The ongoing Meta Strips controversy has suddenly plunged into a deadlock as chief minister Francisco Sardinha made volte face today stating that he did not arrive at any agreement with the agitators, except closure of ... READ