Thursday 19 September 2019

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World Bank sets our agenda : Patkar

"It's a tragedy of Indian democracy that its developmental agenda, in the 50th year of independence, is set by the world bank while all our political parties are controlled by the multinationals. It's time to ... READ

World Bank refuses aid to curb AIDS

The World Bank has refused to give assistance for the National AIDS Control Programme in Goa, as the state government did not utilise the grants released, fulfilling the criteria, for four years.As a result of ... READ

Palacious Cabo Raj Bhavan falling ?

The sudden blaring of an alarm may wake up the Governor at any time of night from his deep sleep and he will have no option than to rush out of his bedroom, not shouting ... READ

PM rules out India's participation in Portuguese celebrations

India's participation in Portugal, to mark the fifth centenary celebrations of Vasco da Gama's visit to our country, is ruled out by Prime Minister I K Gujral. It also won't hold any celebrations here.The statement ... READ

Goans unite to oppose Vasco da Gama celebrations

IFollowing Kerala, the fifth centenary celebrations has become a public issue in Goa, the state ruled by the Portuguese for 450 years. Led by the freedom fighters, several political parties have joined the peoples' front ... READ

Goan nationalists urge to oppose Vasco celebrations

Citizens of Goa, the state ruled by the Portuguese for 450 years, at a state-level rally have demanded that resolutions be passed in the Parliament as well as in the state Assembly, opposing fifth centenary ... READ

India needs one more independence : Vandana

Vandana Shiva, country's leading environmental scientist and the Alternate Nobel prize winner, has appealed to wage the second independence movement while celebrating India's 50th independence anniversary. READ

Institute Menezes Braganza caught up in a row

While Vasco da Gama's centenary celebrations on his discovery of India are caught up in a nation-wide controversy, in Goa - the former Portuguese colony, a controversy has raked up over a 125-year old institute, ... READ

NGOs irked over arrest of sex workers to control AIDS

A strange method of arresting the commercial sex workers, adopted by the Goa government to tackle the alarming rate of HIV positive cases in the tourist state, has irked the local NGOs here.It seems to ... READ

IMF chief suggests agenda for India

Well-designed fiscal consolidation, well-targeted social safety nets and avoiding unproductive expenditures are the most difficult challenges set before a developing country like India to emerge as the leading and dynamic country in the 21st century, ... READ