Friday 05 June 2020

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Goa getting into community transmission! Locals found Covid Positive!!

Amidst all kinds of rumours, it is now c

First casualty of Covid19 in Goa: The Media

Media in Goa is the worst hit due to Co


पोर्तुगीज पासप

HC reviews SSC Exam, Centre made party, asks for traffic plan

Two days prior to the scheduled SSC exam


धावेचे परिक्षे

Deshprabhu required intubation to stabilise oxygen level, not a CT Scan: GARD releases Fact Sheet

Startling new facts of former MLA Jitend



Goa getting into community transmission! Locals found Covid Positive!!

Amidst all kinds of rumours, it is now confirmed that one family of Mangor hill in Vasco and a local private doctor treating them are on a Covid radar. Also among them is a police constable. An elderly couple of the family is tested positive and shifted to Covid hospital. Others are awaiting final confirmation of laboratory tests from GMC hospital. ... READ

First casualty of Covid19 in Goa: The Media

Media in Goa is the worst hit due to Covid19 lockdowns. Not less than 60 media employees are ‘home quarantined’ permanently, ‘institutional quarantine’ has cost all others with 15 to 50 per cent salary, practically everybody is ‘Covid positive’ and it has already reported the first ‘casualty’ - the ‘Gomantak Times’.... READ


पोर्तुगीज पासपोर्ट आशिल्लो गोंयकार 'राष्ट्र'-विरोधी?... READ


Will anti-CAA rally of Church change political equations in Goa?

The ruling BJP of Goa was least shaken up with anti-CAA & NRC rallies also being held in Goa under different banners, but not until the Goa Church entered the nationwide movement. Completing the circle, the huge rally held in Madgao today brought together the Christians, Muslims and the liberal Hindus on one platform. ... READ

Will bring BJP CMs on board to resolve Mhadei row: Yeddyurappa

State president of BJP B S Yeddyurappa has taken the responsibility of bringing BJP chief Ministers of Goa and Maharashtra together to resolve the decades-old Mahadayi row. ... READ

Properties of Digambar and Churchill attached in Louis Berger scam

The central government’s Enforcement Directorate has moved into action, attaching properties of former Congress CM Digambar Kamat and former minister Churchill Alemao in the Louis Berger bribery case. ... READ


Frustrated Goan’s petition to bring Ola, Uber into Goa goes viral

A rather fervid online petition by a Goan citizen on has gained stupendous traction since it was uploaded two days ago.... READ

Travel Goa to Mumbai in 6 hours, by 2018

Goa to Mumbai by road would be hardly six hours, by 2018. ... READ

GMR to build Mopa airport, first phase by 2020, 4.4 M traffic

Bengaluru-based GMR Airports Ltd has been selected to construct Goas new Mopa airport in four phases at the total cost of Rs 4500 crore. ... READ

Video EdiThought


आमी ढोंगी वागतात? ... READ


बेकायदेशीर पर्यटनाचो पर्दाफाश... READ


हॉस्पिसियोचो मॉडॅल आपणावया... READ


Goa Forward embraces Shivsena for Earthquake, forming Front to topple BJP Govt in Goa

In a dramatic development, Goa Forward has joined hands with Shivsena to topple the BJP government of Goa, on the lines of Maharashtra, by extending the Maha Vikas Aghadi to the tourist state. ... READ

Full Goa Assembly had crossed over in 1980!

Hell broke on social media when 10 more Congress MLAs formed a separate group of two third and crossed over to the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party. It reduced original 17-member Congress to mere 5 in the current Assembly elected in 2017. ... READ

Congress won South Goa, but BJP gained!

Even BJP camp had surrendered to the fact that Franciso Sardinha of Congress would win South Goa MP election of 2019. But hardly anybody expected that the margin would be hardly 10,000 votes. ... READ


SC again stops Goa mining from 16 March, orders fresh ECs & recover dues

Within six years, the mining industry of Goa has received a second blow of closure. The Supreme Court has cancelled all the 88 mining leases of Goa.... READ

NGT orders 25 miners to appear before MoEF, face closure threat

The National Green Tribunal had directed 25 mining leaseholders of Goa to appear before the Ministry of Environment and Forests on 7th September, in connection with the alleged invalid environment clearance they are holding. ... READ

Shifting all casinos on-shore in 3 years; Goans to be debarred: Parrikar

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has finally spelt out his proposed policy on casinos, a classic U turn, from vehemently opposing any kind of casinos to now shifting the ‘offshore’ gambling on-the-shore. ... READ


साहित्य अकादेमी पुरस्कार मेळ्ळेलें ‘ध वर्डस्’ कोंकणी अकादेमी कित्याक विकतें घेना?

विष्णू सुर्या वाघाच्या ‘सुदीरसुक्त’ कवितासंग्रहा फाटोफाट निलबा खांडेकाराचो ‘ध वर्डस्’ हो कवितासंग्रहय वादग्रस्त जाला. दोगांयचेरूय आक्षेप घेवपाकडेन संबंदीत आसलेली संस्था, गोवा कोंकणी अकादेमी. हे संस्थेन ‘सुदीरसुक्ता’क पुरस्कार दिलोना. आनी ‘ध वर्डस्’ हें पुस्तक तर विकतें पासून घेवपाक न्हयकार दिलो. अचूक त्याच पुस्तकाक राष्ट्रीय पावंड्यावेलो प्रतिश्ठेचो पुरस्कार दिवन साहित्य अकादेमीन ह्या पुस्तकाचो आनी कवी निलबा खांडेकाराचो भोवमान केला. कालूच निकाल जाहीर जाला. ... READ

#IFFI50: Free time during @IFFIGoa? Here’s what to do in #Panaji

The 50th Film Festival of India has kicked off on the 21st of November and despite the hectic schedule, there is ample free time in between films. The question on most people’s minds is what to do with this free time. Well, that’s what this article is for. Read ahead to find out what all you can do in your free time. ... READ

Rajini, Big B & Shankar Mahadevan steal the show as IFFI50 opens

India’s ace singer Shankar Mahadevan stole the show at the inaugural of Golden Jubilee of International Film Festival of India in Goa today evening amidst the whole Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Stadium cheering at the two great superstars of Indian Films: Rajinikanth & Big B Amitabh Bachchan. ... READ