Sunday 26 March 2017

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No one wants to sit in the Opposition


Damn the niceties we cannot sit in the OPPOSITION. We also must reach La La land, says DR OSCAR REBELLO.

No one wants to sit in the Opposition

After the recent soap opera conducted by the Election Commission, which passed off as elections in Goa and, of course, after the severe slaughtering of AAP by the wise and wonderful people of Goa, I thought it nice if I could introspect, after recovering from the sledge hammer bashing by the wise and wonderful people of Goa. 

1. The cardinal principle (and terminally fatal flaw) of our democracy today is that NO ONE WANTS TO SIT IN THE OPPOSITION. There is no money, no patronage, no jobs and favours you can dish out to the people of Goa if you warm the opposition benches... So the wise and wonderful people of Goa do not want legislators, who can create systems to make life easier for us but local cowboys and thugs who can deliver patronage.

The proffered reason that the wise and wonderful give to justify their action is that they are suitably "secular" or "communal" depending on which religious testicle of theirs is itching. 

2. The gasps, fainting spells and hysterical breast beating that has ensued since that chronic, but very clever, charlatan Vijay Sardesai switched over to the dark side had me in splits.

Vijay never hid his core of being a ruthless politician from anyone despite all his pontificating. In his mind the argument was simple I WILL NOT SIT IN THE OPPOSITION because I have to provide the expensive services to the wise and wonderful which sermons at Ravindra Bhavan can I'll afford. 

3. The young turks of the Congress, now in familiar disarray, also are scrambling to get on flight Parrikar 1313 (his lucky number we hear).

Damn the niceties we cannot sit in the OPPOSITION. We also must reach La La land. 

So is there a solution to this?? 

Yes, but it's tough but essential if democracy has to survive. 

The people, activists and particularly the media who's in perpetual thrall of the ruling party MUST encourage, fund and wholeheartedly back an OPPOSITION that gets created.. Forget AAP, which spectacularly failed at the hustings but would have shown you our bite if one - at least one - legislator was elected. But the people of Goa must work to create an opposing force sincere, dedicated and importantly well-funded and legally-defended when blood-thirsty hounds of the BJP are set on them.

As I said you hate the AAP’s guts, no issues, but create that opposition for your own wise and wonderful future.

If you dare that is and not just pray in your churches and temples and bray on social media. 

Ek sher ho jaaye: Bahut khush to hogi, AAP ke haarne par.. aasha hai ki itni hi khushi nahin hai Goa ki barbaadi par!



Well said Dr. Oscar. '' As I said you hate the AAP’s guts, no issues, but create that opposition for your own wise and wonderful future.''

Ashley |

Again the barbadi comment

This time without AAP

Of course it has been tried in all religions akin to non believers roasting in fires of hell

So nothing new there

Goans know what's right for them and don't require a biased leader

Ravindra |

I think it is for AAP to introspect not the people of Goa. Blaming voters is the last thing that people expect from a credible party. Rejection in 2 states cannot be just a coincidence. Goa was an initio far fetched. Even Punjab could not be managed by AAP. A strong opposition is good for democracy. I hope Congress with 17 seats will do its job well.

Dattatraya |

Oscar anger at voters evident and looking for self praise

Rahul |

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Dr Oscar Rebello is one of the leading social activist of Goa and a practicing doctor. He led the historic peoples’ movement in 2006-07 to get the anti-Goa Regional Plan scrapped and save Goa from total destruction of Goa’s ecology and natural beauty. He is a Goa-based leader of Aam Aadmi Party. He is also a columnist.


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