Wednesday 03 June 2020

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Are our Gyms equipped to save Sadashiv Sirsats?


Every Gym, must by law, have a working defibrillator machine on its premises. All Gym personnel, must by law again, undergo basic life resuscitation techniques - CPR - courses and then refresh that knowledge periodically.

It is with profound sadness that we heard the tragic news of a well known Panaji citizen Sadashiv Sirsat, in the prime of health, who suddenly collapsed while doing his regular Gym workout, at a prominent Panaji-based Gymnasium. 

The Gym culture is one of the rare wise things, Goans are indulging in nowadays. 

There is no question it has improved the fitness and health levels in otherwise unhealthy Goans, what with our traditional carbohydrate and fat laden, celebrated diet. 

But we need to ensure some common sense measures so that such tragedies can be avoided or at least minimised. 

  1. Every Gym, must by law, (enacted in AIIMS or the Legislative Assembly) must have a working defibrillator machine on its premises. 
  2. All Gym personnel, must by law again, undergo basic life resuscitation techniques - CPR - courses and then refresh that knowledge periodically... The first few minutes after a cardiac arrest are mandatory for any decent chance of survival. 
  3. Never push yourself to be a Salman Khan... It is not needed. Gymming is about keeping fit not making yourself attractive to the opposite sex... So stay within your limits of tolerance which only you must define, not your Gym instructor, not your friend and certainly not a movie screen hero with rippling biceps. 
  4. It may be sensible to do a baseline ECG and an Echo when you first decide to hit the Gym or indeed a football field, whatever your age...You simply never know what hidden cardiac ailment may be lurking out there. 
  5. Preferably never Gym alone, under the influence of alcohol or if you are under the weather due to a viral illness...Go for a walk instead. 
  6. Gymming and exercise helps you keep fit... Weight loss is a tangential benefit...For Weight loss eating healthy is key. 

It is truly heart wrenching that someone in the full spring of life should go in this manner. 
But maybe we can learn a few lessons ourselves... 

Terrible to hear of the tragic demise. May he RIP.

You could not be more true about gymming and the precaution one needs to take

Radhika Nayak |

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