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What is so 'great' about New Year?


Can we ever analyse what exactly is the New Year mean to each one of us? Is it an occasion to party or is it a mystical hope that things will be better in future? Does New Year bring in any change in our lives? Does it actually act as a catalyst to our hopes and aspirations?

Whatever  happens on 31st December is simply beyond my understanding. It’s that time of the year where we start recounting previous year’s glorious and disastrous times and get nostalgic. Newspapers are full of annual charts of best and worst of the last year. One of my best friends drinks the whole night and takes a resolution for the New Year. I need not tell you that he forgets his resolution within a week. A significant number of people party the whole night on 31st December and sleep till noon on 1st January.

I understand the human need to party and celebrate; but why 31st December? Why not 1st of January?   Shouldn’t we be celebrating the first day of the New Year? Is farewell more important than welcoming the New Year? Is Narkasur more important than the Diwali day? 

I have an interesting theory, which you may not agree. Most of the people I know cry after they get drunk on the night of 31st. I believe, this 31st December celebration is nothing but a medium to escape from the failures of the past year. What we failed to achieve last year, we hope to achieve it this year. It’s as simple as that.  We take up a resolution on New Year, conveniently forget it and sulk over a drink on the next 31st. The cycle goes on…

If you look rationally, every day is a New Year. A new beginning. Rather every moment is a new beginning. Some scientists or writers are elevated at one moment that becomes the deciding factor in their life.  This moment may not be on the New Year eve. But one random moment of self realisation that creates a spark, the moment that pushes oneself to a specific path.

A resolution on New Year is nothing but a gimmick promoted by marketing gurus. How many of us can claim of living to the resolution of the previous year? Can anyone explain the sudden rise in the New Year fervor all over the world?  Let me elaborate how skillfully this happens.

A week prior to the New Year you are bombarded with replay of last year’s major events, both on television and newspapers.  Tour operators, hotels and restaurants declare heavy discounts. Establishments are full of New Year gifts and cards. The hype is created over a week and you start worrying that the year is going to end. You start recollecting the past year, shed some tears and hope that things will be better next year. Within a few days, you are back on the track. You forget your resolution; you forget that you had set a target. In short, you got carried away with this fervor of celebrating a new year. Welcome to the new world of Marketing!

Can we ever analyse what exactly is the New Year mean to each one of us?  Is it an occasion to party or is it a mystical hope that things will be better in future? Does New Year bring in any change in our lives?  Does it actually act as a catalyst to our hopes and aspirations? If not, then what’s the big deal about changing the page of the calendar from one year to another? If the precise moment of the New Year does not bring a change within you, then what is the NEW for you in it?

Despite given the above circumstances, New Year is also a moment. It can be looked as a beginning of an individual’s new journey. However, Introspection is must to begin this journey. Serious introspection about oneself, our goals (personal/professional/spiritual) needs to be understood at this juncture. Often this introspection is lost in the party mood. Only deeper look within us will lead to the moment I am referring to. The moment that will be a new beginning for you. The moment that will be instrumental in change within you. The moment that will lead to the beautiful life. A life that you want to live!

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

Really a great happens people make new year resolutions and promises to self and as time passes they forget their resolutions made and again welcome one more new year and make new resolutions and forget, this cycle repeats for every new year...well written article from laxmikanth

Uday vernekar |

Outstanding thoughts in the article. I truly appreciate this unique thinking. Why are you keeping it limited? Why don't you actually work on this and schedule some interview and spread his word on TV, Radio, status on facebook with just one line: summary of the first four paras so on and so forth.

Vilas Gadgil |

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