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Dress Rehearsal over, the Covid Tsunami is there, I can see… (By Dr Oscar Rebelo)


All these 2 months was like a dress rehearsal for a kindergarten play. You will now desperately, desperately need your doctors, (especially the junior and senior residents and junior consultants) and the army of silent, uncomplaining nurses and the medical attendants who will be cleaning your crap and urine as you struggle on a ventilator. All your diamonds and political contacts will count for nothing once this circus truly pummels into town.

By every deduction, every permutation and combination and every unanswered, thrown in a trash can, prayer that one was summoning all along.

GOA’s tryst with destiny seems pounding on our self-secured, creaky little doors.

The virus is here and boy is it here!!

I have spoken to numerous colleagues in the medical fields, of intensive care, cardiology, pulmonology, and general practise.

By all accounts, Mumbai has exploded.

By what I'm learning, not officially confirmed however, is that ICUs and ventilators are chock-a-block with Covid patients.

Serious, dying and many extremely critical.

No mass cremations or burials yet, but that is no silver lining at all.

The very fact that the government is taking over the Wankhede stadium as a make- shift hospital, tells you how terror is so close to India's financial heart.

The next two weeks will tell us if we join NYC or MADRID or ITALY.

Or we have some bloody much required luck... or not!

Which then brings me to Amchem Goem!!

With the opening of the economy, we could well be in the cross hairs of this relentless nightmare.

Even a wretched virus can't resist a Goa vacation, for some R&R.

As usual, I shall give my pompous sermon on the mount, as to what we need to do, if anything can be done at all.


Brace yourself for a rapid surge of Covid positive cases as testing gets ramped up for all folk coming in from red zones.

This is not necessarily catastrophic, but systems must be so freaking water-tight, at borders, train stations and airports, that every single person entering Goa must be tested, address identified, strictly home quarantined and report to the nearest health centre if sick.

This is non-negotiable, even if  you consider yourself the Prince of Burkina Faso or a seafarer from the princess of the seas.

Panaji Market


Stop focussing on GMC and other hospitals for the moment.

They are reasonably well-equipped, staff-motivated and serious case loads haven't hit the fan.

I urge the authorities to shift their entire resources to man the border and do a ruthless testing of all trickling in, VIP or desperate Goan trying to get in.

The best cops, the best administrators and the most efficient testing systems must be in place at these sites.

Thank heavens those multiple Truenat machines were procured to be deployed.

The isolation of these folk must happen at point of entry.

Once you pick them from the community after they have had Urrac and mangoes with fellow Goans, it will be time to head for the hills, for safety.

But then all the hills have already been bulldozed by greedy builders.


In these now crucial times, this is the real McCoy.

All these 2 months was like a dress rehearsal for a kindergarten play.

You will now desperately, desperately need your doctors, (especially the junior and senior residents and junior consultants) and the army of silent, uncomplaining nurses and the medical attendants who will be cleaning your crap and urine as you struggle on a ventilator.

All your diamonds and political contacts will count for nothing once this circus truly pummels into town.

So shut the gob up and stop creating panic WhatsApp forwards just because you have enough time on your hands.

Realise what these front line workers will be doing for you.

And if you cannot recognise that by stealing reports of positive patients and then forwarding them gleefully, or suspend young residents and consultants because they head for lunch for 10 minutes, I sincerely suggest you shove those rose petals, up your orifice.

Maybe the bathroom will smell like roses the next morning!

The same goes for disrespect to our hard-working cops on the streets and sanitation workers.

Frankly, I look forward to a giant Ttsunami wave engulfing the Covidiots thronging the Goan beaches, disrespecting every tenet of social distancing.

Fools we always were... Can we be responsible fools at least?


Paralysed by the fear of the virus, I strongly believe that the economy can't be allowed to stall completely and go into a free fall.

Of course, industry must kickstart and so too must agriculture and fishing and perhaps limited mining.

Tourism will sadly have to wait.

Those of us who have steady jobs and incomes can holler lockdown, lockdown, lockdown like pampered banshees.

Those who run the risk of not putting food on the table in a month or two, wouldn't agree.

So the economy, a better imagined one, MUST open.

But the strict caveat must be that employers follow rules, strictly quarantine returning employees, without cutting corners only because they can pull a few political strings.


The virus is here big time people, it is going to create mayhem, no question.

The point is that the entire political class and the citizenry must act responsibly to motivate, support the front line staff and strictly adhere to SOP (whichever VIP you are).

Get this one interesting fact:

Besides the elderly who are vulnerable, the 45 to 60 group being felled in the Americas are by and large obese or morbidly obese individuals with poor lung reserve.

So in the interest of self-serving and self-preserving politicos, most of whom you wouldn't classify as a Tiger Shroff, it's in your interests to have all hands on deck, stop tweaking rules for your favourites and learn to genuinely respect the front line workers.

If Shakespeare were to write this he'd call it "THE MERCHANT OF VENOM"

And the merchant is here knocking on our doors and it is going to be a long, long “summer of discontent”.

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

As a Goan,, even though living in Mumbai we are praying for Jesus' s supernatural prevention of the predicted mayhem. We believe that the God of the impossible will do it!! God bless !!


Section 505(1)(b) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) addresses a wider canvas —spreading false and mischievous content that results in ‘fear or alarm to the public, or to any section of the public whereby any person may be induced to commit an offence against the State or against the public tranquillity’.

This article does just that when a physician claims that he can see a tsunami

Rp |

Hats off to you Dr. May your words not fall on deaf ears!!!

Keep the light burning within you Dr. |

Way to go..Doc

Keep up the wonderful writing on the wall

Gilroy Miranda |

G8 Article!


Covid 19 more information on how to tale personal care.

Marianita Dias |

Aptly stated. It’s scary though...seems like we have thumbed our noses at the safe zone we were in and allowed mayhem entry which we are not adequately prepared to handle. Can only pray.

Debra Texeira (Debbie) |

Dear Dr. Oscar

A very well written article Dotor, one which people like me look forward to be written by you.

Hope better sense prevails with all of us Goan Fools, you rightly call , to atleast behave responsibly and fight this Merchant if Venom.

Prasad Bhende |

As usual TRUTH .. fearless n Frank.Timely alerts must be appreciated n followed n the interest of local population

Shyam Gangwani |

Well said Dr. Rebello. These dingbats who

ponce around as politicians kept shouting

GREEN GREEN and opened the borders, knowing fully well that Goa does not have the infrastructure to deal with a situation of such a magnitude. If they know what's good for them, they should reseal the borders IMMEDIATELY. Failing that they will be cremating bodies enmass on Miramar beach

Louis Leo Fernandes |

Well said

Chandrika arlekar |

Oscar, you hit the nail right on its head !

Dr Irineu Antao Pereira |

Thank you for the wake up call Dr. Oscar! Frightening but true. Hard hitting yet imminent! The Sentinels have let fly in the carrier's and infected, through the trees; And It has come creeping in to strike us all down! Containment , isolation ( with no one paying real heed), Social Distancing have been words in the wind. You couldn't have expressed it more clearly and creatively! Will need the roses to smell, when all hell breaks loose. It won't be a picnic at the beach! Respect to all medical staff, our unsung heroes and those who put their lives on the line. May they stay protected! God help us all.

A. O. Pinto |

Well written Dr Oscar .... as usual you hit the nail on the head .... more power to you my friend

Dr Lenny Da Costa |

Well written by Dr Oscar Rebello

Benedict Joseph D'souza |

Thank you Dr. Oscar for bringing out facts of the present, in our beloved Goa.

John Pereira |

Thank you Doc, we all need to hear this...we need to understand and act immediately. Not worry about our fish and chicken, worry about our lives.

Luiza Gera |

As the impending Tsunami plays out, what is down played by media portends catastrophy. The fodder for the virus will be our frontline bravehearts mauled by the insensitivity of market goers. Whisper a prayer for all.

Sirur |

Crisp n clear as always!

Dr Bernadette |

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