Tuesday 28 September 2021

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Let’s be EQUALS & beat this Scumbag


We are going to lose loved ones, we are going to lose our brightest and best, we are going to lose those we thought simply cannot die.

We are now in the true anaconda grip of the Covid virus.

Simply no escape.

As cases mount, and as the few deaths this week suggest, the long haul is most certainly here.

I was hoping for a miracle, but being an agnostic, I knew I was right.


The horrible, horrible nightmare is here.

There are doctors at GMC falling ill, patients turning positive despite the sterling efforts of government officials burning the midnight oil and BE PREPARED!!!

We are going to lose loved ones, we are going to lose our brightest and best, we are going to lose those we thought simply cannot die.

If you thought the physical and mental exhaustion of this God-damned pandemic was tough!!

The emotional exhaustion is what is going to kill you!!

We have no magic pill, we have no silver bullet, we have no vaccine, we have no wonder drug.

Maybe we have Baba Ramdev who is an upside-down comic  and an absolute disaster.



So treasure that, empower that, weaponise that.

Again, my dreary prescription in what History will record as GOA’s most challenging crisis:


1. Doctors, nurses, paramedics, ambulance drivers, testing staff, government officials, cops are doing all they can.

Trust me, this is a historic effort put in by the government medical and ancillary staff on tackling this menace.

No sleep, No food, No family time.

People are working for you round the clock, exhausted, drained out.

So please respect that.

A late ambulance call, a cranky nurse.

Put up with it.

This is freaking tough.


2. Hopefully, we are going to stock up on faviparivir and resdemivir and toxiculimab which are our new "saviours".

Is the Blood Bank equipped to collect plasma from convalescent patients in case needed??

I know not.


3. Slum areas like Mangor and Chimbel and Zuarinagar are going to be the first tsunamis.

No question.

Stop treating them like children of a lesser God.

Isolation, tracing and quarantine will be needed for them.

But strictly No Discrimination.

They will need our maximum empathy, if we are indeed show-boating religious buffs.


4. Mental stress: Whether you think you are a toughie like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sly Stallone, you need to accept that the Corona pandemic has thrown our mental gear, way off the rails.

Acknowledge that, confront it and please, please seek help for it.

Sometimes the toughest nuts are the easiest to crack up.


5. Now that we have the real gruesome monster breathing down our necks, the elderly and vulnerable need to have a renewed sense of urgency as far as isolation and not sauntering out is concerned.

This is mandatory.

As Italy, Spain, and New York have amply demonstrated, the elderly get Covid in the morning and are dead in the evening.


6. The scourge of fake news: This is, by far, the most brutal of all inhuman pastimes that Goans are indulging in.

From fake cases to fake deaths, this may seem like a harmless laugh for you.

But for a family who has a loved one trapped in a Covid hospital, this is heart-wrenchingly cruel.

Please desist from these sadistic pleasures.

Watch porn instead.


7. To the government, my earnest appeal, please make testing for Covid simple and hassle free, especially for the private sector.

It will help mitigate the fear in patients, get us to make an accurate diagnosis and de-clutter the GMC to a great extent.

The private lobby is your ally in this crisis, not an adversary.



When the history of this pandemic in Goa is written, and those of us fortunate to be alive will be able to read this, there will be a few honourable mentions made.

* Pramod Sawant and Vishwajit Rane. Both of them, like true political animals, are jostling for the limelight, but they have played their role.

Got the testing kits, put systems in place - they were on the battleground in person.

The only hope is that now that the battle gets tough, they don't frolic around in the dirty wrestling ring of politics.

* Parimal Rai & Nila Mohanan.

Sober, calm and matter-of-fact.

Behind the scenes it is fundamentally these two holding a crumbling fort from collapsing. 

* One is familiar with doctors Edwin and Ira and Anar in GMC and the ROCKSTAR hero and heroine residents and junior consultants; frankly putting their lives on the line for us.

* And a big real big shout out to Dr Savio Rodriguez of the Department of Microbiology and his team, working 24/7, to give us those accurate reports every single day without fail.

As I said, those of you who believe in God, please do so.

Though it is abundantly clear that the virus so far has outwitted every God you know.

All that we are left with right now, in this crisis of our generation, is ONE ANOTHER.

That's it.

No one else.

So cling to one another, reach out, trust in the goodness of a fellow human being, be naive in how blessed you may be.

And perhaps keep the faith...in one another.

Deep down, I still believe, we are going to beat this little scumbag.

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

Please if you dont believe in Baba Ramdev medicines dont criticize as comic or disaster.

Shraddha N Bandekar |

Thank you for your candidness and everlasting dedication to the Goans and people of this state. Your words always shake up people from slumber.

Mita tuinman |


Francis Pereira |

Very well put into perspective Dr. Oscar. It is the true reality that's glaring at us. We only have one another. Thankyou very much.

Christine Fernandes |

Hats off to you Dr. Oscar Rebello

I read your social messages with great appetite

You have the grit to write even the most feared topics like Covid 19 with such panache and humour

Yet the message is delivered with power and conviction

Kudos to you !!!

We require people like you to deliver us Goans from doldrums

How i wish you could stand as the prime candidate for Aam Admi Party

I am sure you will not only win the seat

But you could deliver us from these wolfves who run amok in sheep’s clothing!!!

Roniilla |

Thank you for this well written blog Dr Oscar Rebello. Thank you for the awareness you have so brilliantly brought forth in your blog of what it really is like on the playing field. You have made us aware that despite Govt’s easing of lockdown the worst is yet to come. Our thanks to all the doctors, nurses and the entire team who risk their own lives, work 24x7 and make many sacrifices to protect us.

Yvette & Teobaldo do Rosario |

Well said.

Shirish Gadgil |

Excellent instructions and advice. Thank you Sir.

S. Krishnan |

Dr Oscar,

Awesome write up very truthfull insight of whats prevailing in the world around us.Aplaud all the work done by those in power and those behind the scene.World people enviroment is going for a total transformatiom .....yes we all have to reach out to the other no matter caste creed colour or religion but the one thing that binds us all in INDIA is our faith...no on can give you that inner peace solace wisdom grace strenght than GOD ALMIGHTY SO WE HAVE TO LIVE BY FAITH NOT FEAR and let GODS WILL BE DONE we still pray for a miracle we still pray for unity in diversity during this pandemic we still have to accept and survive with a positive attitude when this dies down we all will be stronger in faith humanity brotherhood and love .GOD BLESS YOU DOC LOVE ALL YOUR POST AND MUST SAY A SUPERDUPER AWESOME DOCTOR KEEP THE FAITH STAY SAFE STAY HEALTHY



Karen |

Brilliantly written as always.

Thanks for the hard hitting and the truth...and the smile it brought to my face.

As always brilliantly written. Thanks for the hard hitting yet truth.and the smile it brought to my face. |

Thank you for keeping us on our toes. And above all the hard work all you workers out there are doing .So truly grateful

Eleanor Dcunha |

Dr O

you forgot IGP Jaspal Singh and his entire force who have been on their feet since day one.

and NO I am not in the police. I used to be your patient .

paul |

Fabulously said!

Sabrina |

A bleak future, but so true. We salute those struggling on the front line , working tirelessly to save those infected Thank you for the warning and advice. Stay safe yourself.

Audry Pinto |

You couldn't have said it better Oscar!

J. Heredia |

You couldn't have said it better Oscar!

J. Heredia |

Hi Dr Rebello,

Very true and well said ......yes we need to hold the chain of humanity and be there for one another.....besides adhering to wearing a mask, social distancing n building on our immunity....I feel it's a matter of time, could be a couple of 3-4 months and we should be able to defeat this Monster who has gulped down a couple of lives.

Hats off to the Medical Fraternity, Police and organisations who are feeding 3 meals a day to the needy. God bless you all.WZW

Hilda Kathuria |

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