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Who is the real enemy of Claude?


The real enemy, albeit unwittingly, of Claude Alvares is not the mining mafia or the venal politicians or grubby cops. His real enemy and biggest betrayers are...

Whenever there is a crisis that the state faces, especially economic, there is one "GABBAR SINGH” that this cowardly, spineless state always conjures up.

Claude Alvares!!

Friend to the Earth, Enemy of the State.

When the moribund, unflattering history of despicable Goa is written, the only truly illuminating and bright spot that will prominently be featured is Claude and his all-weather friend, his wife Norma.

The rest of us will be featured as the terrified, compromised, drunk on patronage, emasculated little wimps who thump their chest as Proud Goans.

The Claudian logic is simple:

(I frankly don't care if you love or hate the man)

But go by logic....

1. Every single committee and court in this country, indeed the Supreme Court, has ruled against the outrageous mining scandal.

Even a departed CM, Manohar Parrikar, when in opposition, ran with that agenda during the polls in 2012.



2. No government since, made up as it is of men and women of low-grade straw, has not had the temerity or moral spine to even question members of the mining mafia indicted in the MB SHAH report.

Forget arresting, no questions asked.

The code of Omerta.

True, some cheap Broadway-like shows of interrogation were conducted and some officers (little delivery boys actually) arrested. But the big sharks swim fearlessly in the vast oceans of scum and deceit.



3. A failed state, which is on the verge of a historic bankruptcy,thanks to the Covid crisis, is scrambling to mop up any trail of money.

So obfuscate, delay shutdowns in Mormugao, pit innocent mining dependents against one lone warrior.

Do anything but raise revenue.

Begging and borrowing has reached its limits.

So the logic seems to be: Let's get rid of Claude and somehow the economy will bounce back and all Goans can go back to singing, dancing and making merry.




The reason why a 24-carat hero like Claude who has tirelessly worked to save Goa’s environment and who has a just  and permanent solution to restart mining (without the thieves in play, that is) is the FACT that there is no credible, sustained political movement to push his ideas forward through the legislative route.

Because finally, that’s how democracy works.

Not sanctimonious left radical activism, not furious letters ejaculated to newspapers, not silent or high decibel prayers from the pulpit.

But a political formation of cadres, ideas and commitment to save Goa.

(Spoiler Alert: We had one naive party who tried their stuff in 2017, but were predictably kicked in the balls by Goan experts at football free kicks).

So the final fault for the disgraceful mess we are in, and for putting Claude and Norma’s lives on the line, must squarely lie on our individual shoulders.

A prophet, they say, is never recognised in his lifetime.

We will continue to ravage mother Goa with impunity. And always place our guilty conscience in Claude’s now ageing hands.

The real enemy, albeit unwittingly, of Claude Alvares is not the mining mafia or the venal politicians or grubby cops.

His real enemy and biggest betrayers are We, the people of Goa.

The wise, wonderful and predictably selfish people of Goa.

Because when we don't stand up for Claude, we are completely incapable of looking at our own reflections in the filthy, sordid, polluted rivers we bequeath to our children.

Someday we may declare Claude a saint I guess, but we will never, never learn our lessons.


Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

Congress Voters are responsible for today’s mess in Goa. Congress Voters voted Congress and gave 17 MLAs to Goa. Today there are only 3 Congress MLAs left with Congress Voters in Goa. Others all went in BJP. AAP was continuously telling to these Congress Voters that Congress & BJP are Husband & Wife. They fight with each other but they love each other very much. They cannot stay without each other. Congress Voters has very honest alternative Party in Goa and they should vote to these Honest Aam Aadmi Party in coming all elections in Goa.

Jack De Goan |

Hats off to you doctor. Well said who the real enemy of Claude and Goans is.


Mining lobby is so powerful with all its ill-gotten wealth that even 1000 Claudes are not going to make any dent in its empire. All the MLAs (I mean each and everyone), local leaders, Panchayat, etc. are all bought over by this powerful lobby several times over. People whose livelihood depend on this lobby are going to support these Ba#### because they have to burn the fire in their stomachs. Supreme court, International court nobody can shake the might of these mafias. So whatever going on right now will continue until all the mining resources are exhausted and gone for good or the business is profitable no longer. Until that time, sit back, relax and learn to live with it (especially those so-called niz Goans living in other countries, and who come to Goa once in five years to enjoy, with foreign passports and ready to die for Goa in their foreign countries).

Oscar Rebelo can write a biography on Alvares' la Mayabhushan/Sadguru.

Anil |

In fact the idea of mainstream is facing ever serious credibility crises, True voices are bulldoze.

Satyawan Varadkar |

Mines belong to Goans and hence Goans must get Mines Royalty. Each Month Each Goan Family must get Ten Thousand Rupees.

Congress & BJP with the help of AAP must Recover the Looted Amount from the Mine Looters and distributed among the Goans (Dependent and non-Dependent).

There is no need to Re-Start the Mining in Goa. Tremors can be felt in Goa and earthquakes can happen in Goa and Goans will be in big trouble if Mining restarted. Fresh Air & Fresh Water will be impossible for Goans if Mining restarted in Goa.

Jack De Goan |

Well said Dr Rebello. Goa needs to salute this man who has done enormous work in protecting and safe guarding Goa and Goans. Hats off to this gentleman. God bless him to carry on this fantastic role.

Francis Monteiro |

Yes. Oscar is right. We are the ones who elect these incapable, greedy, selfish, useless thieves who do nothing but swindle us.

Why can't mining be started immediately by auctioning the mines and running them as per the Supreme Courts orders?

Why can't the government recover the huge amounts from the mining lobby? Just because they will not get a share in their personal pockets?

Angelo Pais |

Fortunately I can read and write and understand that our future will be destroyed if things continue in the same manner, my question is how do we reach out to the uneducated, rather people who are blind folded by the aristrocrat.

Stanley |

You couldn't be more right OscarQOw

Jose Heredia |

Oscar is just so succinct, to the issue and communicates so well.

Abhijit Almeida |

Couldn't agree more dr Oscar. Today it is Claude, tomorrow it's us. Any voice of reason and dissent is being summarily dismissed as anti Goan. We at Goa Heritage Action Group support every action group that is working for the protection of Goa. And oppose the stifling of our democratic freedom to protest against the atrocities committed on our fragile environment and heritage.

Heta Pandit |

As far as I can see, the whole of Goa is standing up for claude and is solidly behind him. It is visible, loud and clear and evident to all who are ready to hear. The exceptions are the GMPF and the Goa government. Is there something else perhaps you feel we should do? I am sure people would participate heart and soul if it falls within the parameters of the covid 19 safety regulations.

All over Goa, groups of :predictably selfish" Goans are stretched out thin selflessly fighting the government policies and projects that are allegedly destroying goa and contravening rule of law and plain simple common sense. Double tracking, marinas, coal imbroglio, Mollem, river nationalisation - all these issues and more are being hotly contested by ordinary goans struggling to preserve and protect what is left of our motherland. The truth of the matter is that those who are supposed to govern, administer, protect Goa and maintain or establish rule of law are the ones majorly responsible for destroying that which they promised to protect. Allegedly, the government is blithely contravening all established laws and procedures as it pushes through a destructive agenda. Yet it seems that the hapless people draw your ire whilst the Government gets away practically scot free as it continues its devastating programs for the state. The question begging an answer is - who are the bigger and more dangerous marauders and predators? Is it the people of Goa or the government? And it may be prudent to keep in mind that we the people of goa, for no fault of our own, did not get the government we actually elected .

Diana pinto |

A well worded article, departing from the recent mostly "play on both sides" wishy washy stuff, except for the contrary ending blaming people which sort of absolves all the preceding sets of people blamed. The liberal use of sarcasm in most artlcles makes it difficult to understand the author's exact position, for which side is he batting and needs to be replaced with straightforward statements for the message to get to the people.

Lucas |

A True Goan Hero, he has shown us that we can bring in change, no matter what the government says or do. His work has been an inspiration to me and gave me more reasons to connect with the nature and our environment. I want to say a big thank you to Claude Alvares and Norma.

Martino Almeida |

Wonderful. I agree to every word of this article. We have become puppets at the hands of these sharks who have have all the forms and means to propagate falsehood and make everyone of us to believe as the truth. I recollect the time when Mr. Alvares was brought in to solve the Sonsodo dump issue. He had given a proposal of 4.6cr. And this proposal was so readily accepted by the government, and funds also were allocated for the work. And poor HAPPY Claude, didn't realize that there was a Committee set up along with the sanction order to follow CODAL FORMALITIES, which meant tendering of the work. And as Claude is not a registered Contractor, it was THE END. After this nearly 50cr has been spent on Sonsodo, but a solution still remains at large.

Savio Coutinho |

Totally agree!!!!

Ricky Noronha |

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