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The dysfunctional Goan family


Papa Goa is the primary, savage destroyer of Goa and it is the service managers, who were supposed to guard us and our long term interests who facilitate this inexorable destruction of Goa.

Let me introduce you to the dysfunctional Goan family. A family allegedly closely bonded with one another, culturally a jovial, confused bunch of happy – go – lucky boys and girls and presently staring down the abyss of self imposed extinction.

This family includes all of us, currently gnashing our teeth in Goa – you and me !

Let’s then familiarize ourselves with the members of this family shall we?

PAPA GOA : He is the head of the family, the domineering swaggering patriarch and like all patriarchs he thinks he knows ALL!  PAPA GOA is the Economic warhorse that runs Goa. The mining industry; the speculative real estate developers and the casino, sex and drug industry. He calls the shots, impervious to criticism, Abusive of his wife ( who’s she ? I’ll explain later ); violator of all laws. This lion of the jungle thinks he owns it and can do what he wants with it. And all the minions better obey. These disastrous economic forces are PAPA GOA.

MAMA GOA : This is the benevolent matriarch of the family. She is Goa’s Environment, her heritage, her unique culture. For centuries she has nurtured and nourished. Goans, held them to her  bosom and blessed them with every kind of bounty. Food, water and Air, in abundance and she’s been the cynosure of all eyes. Until now that is, when a ravenous, rapacious, merciless papa Goa has ripped her apart to satisfy his insatiable, boundless greed. Mama Goa is Mother Earth.

TIO GOA : This is the benevolent uncle of the Family. He also contributes to Goa’s economy, albeit in a measured and sustainable way. I.T. Manufacturing Pharma, Sensible tourism, Agriculture and Horticulture, Education hubs. He can’t steamroll and compete with arrogant papa Goa but he tries to clean up his act when necessary, follows the regular  path where feasible and loves Goa as much as any hard boiled self flagellating, chest thumping  activist. TIO GOA is the alternate economy.

  1. And then come the BABA GOAs. They are classified into BABA GOA  I  & BABA GOA  II

Both are children who are going to inherit a disastrous future, firing at them  like a meteor  on heat


These are the enlightened but independent children of Goa. They include activists, many sincere politicians, farmers, craftsmen, upright officers, artists, writers, academicians, teachers and professionals. They are aghast at the savage and brutal murder of Mama Goa by Papa Goa. They protest, they plead, they implore, they file petitions, but papa Goa’s relentless juggernaut rolls on nevertheless, crushing everything in its path. No respect; no love for the land; no regrets and bloody well care a damn. BABA GOA 1 fights an uphill battle against this power and money crazy Papa Goa

BABA Goa 2:

This is the group of enlightened but dependent children of Goa. All people who feed off Papa Goa to keep themselves alive to simply survive. They know they may be treading the mine laden path that‘ll blow all of us apart or they may do sex to survive but die of an acquired disease but then what are their economic options. They also love Goa just as much as any one else but how do they get out of the economic trap! Self preservation is an art we inherited from Adam and Eve. And wily old Papa Goa Knows that. So he pits BABA GOA I V/S BABA GOA II( pro environment  v/s pro mining ) and the brute continues to soak in the blood money.



And this is where our problems begin and end. Like in any big family the servants and the security guards are the pivots on which a comfortable family life revolves and they deserve all our love  and respect for doing their jobs well. But our brood of service managers and security guards that include many corrupt and shameless ministers, some members of our bureaucracy, and our police force do the greatest disservice to Goa. Perennially feeding off and servile to papa Goa they preside over  the devastation of Mother Goa with shocking  impunity and why shouldn’t they? Papa Goa pays them off and pays them well to do his bidding even if their conscience gets clouded by mining dust.


Papa Goa is the primary, savage destroyer of Goa and it is the service managers, who were supposed to guard us and our long term interests who facilitate this inexorable destruction of Goa.

So do we have a solution ? Perhaps!! Like an ice  cube has a chance in hell.

But we can try three options.

1)    Implore papa Goa to change his ways. Sometimes, somewhere even power drunk  Dads have a heart. Papa Goa can invest in eco friendly economic enterprises in the hinterland if he puts his mind, his wallet and importantly his heart into it.

2)    Change and overhaul the service managers and try to get in less subservient and groveling employers to do the job.


3)    Continue to put up the good fight. For Mama Goa, any sacrifice, any battle however small is worth it after all.

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

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Dr Oscar Rebelo

Dr Oscar Rebelo is one of the leading social activist of Goa and a practicing doctor. He led the historic peoples’ movement in 2006-07 to get the anti-Goa Regional Plan scrapped and save Goa from total destruction of Goa’s ecology and natural beauty. He is a Goa-based leader of Aam Aadmi Party. He is also a columnist.


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