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Women Power - Go Get It !!!


So there’s every chance that when seats by rotation get reserved for women, the Ranes and the Alemaos, the Monserattes and the Dhavlikars, illustrious business – politician families of Goa, will prop their wives, sisters and aunts in the hot seat and keep the profits safely within the saguada familias.

This may not be a very macho, Rambo thing to say : but say it, we will : Generally, women are conclusively, emphatically, undoubtedly, intriguingly and definitely superior to men. No doubt.

Emotionally & mentally they beat us hands down. Physically we may be better than them. Perhaps that's why we make and fight wars better.

To make peace, women are the best bet. Take Aungsan Suu Kyi of Burma, take Corazon Aquino of the Phillipines, take mother Thereza of Calcutta, take Shrin Ebadi of Iran. In some of the world's most troubled spots, people seek women to broker the peace. I daresay that it is the feminine side of Gandhi, Mandela & perhaps even Obama that makes the pitch for peace perfect.

So even if most ladies, I know, unequivocally dub me a MCP, I must confess, I was pretty ectsatic when the women's reservation bill hit the first homerun in the Rajya Sabha the other day.

Give it to the Italian lady. Three historic legislations, can be credited largely to her vision and tenacity.

This one, the RTI Act (which makes activists such wasps for hard boiled politicians and bureaucrats) and the NREGA (which feeds millions of our hungry country men on the other side of the Economic divide) have been landmark legislations that will alter our political discourse for generations.

Many other feisty ladies; the late Geeta Mukherjee of the CPI, Brinda Karat of the CPM, Sushma Swaraj of the BJP and a host of other rockstars deserve their place in the sun as do the men folk, who have been goaded, cajoled and perhaps even bullied to get more women on the power sharing table.

When educated enlightened women truly unite for a cause and pitch for it vociferously, men automatically duck for cover. Ask me.

Goa has had its fair share of heroines and post liberation there are hundreds of women who have relentlessly pursued the "Goa Agenda" in social, economic and political fields.

1. In Politics : Urminda Lima Leitao, our first woman legislator, I am told, was one hell of a courageous, doughty lady during the opinion poll. Shashikala Kakodkar, our first woman CM, contributed (& contributes) enormously to society and it is to her eternal credit that she never promoted her gentlemen sons in politics. And of course Mummy Victoria, (although she comes wrapped in a mother & son package), who has also fought many a battles for Goa.

2. As Social Activists : These are the remarkable women. I've had the privilege (and exasperation) of interacting with them & navigating through their adamant often pig headed view points. On issues like women rights, child abuse, environment, sustainable economy and communal harmony, they have been at the vanguard of all these battles. And with charm, tact and guile, they can outwit you at any argument, have their way and still make us men feel as if we have won the debate.

3. Family : Of course on this front I speak from personal experience. My wife mirrors the countless Goan women of today. Brilliant at their work. Energetic and efficient home makers, simply super moms and sanguine enough to keep on loving, regularly insane jerks they call husbands.

Women, in one word, folks simply rock - Big time.

But in the Goan context, I'm not sure how this reservation quota for women will actually pan out. Empowerment? Enlightment? Fancy words! But how will that translate into action?

In Goa, Politics is Business and Business is Politics.

So there's every chance that when seats by rotation get reserved for women, the Ranes and the Alemaos, the Monserattes and the Dhavlikars, illustrious business - politician families of Goa, will prop their wives, sisters and aunts in the hot seat and keep the profits safely within the saguada familias.

The social workers and other genuine politicians, who are not in the business of politics will of course like well trained boxers go back to their respective corners and keep trading punches on interminable issues of Secularism v/s Pseudo Secularism, Caste v/s Past, Nagri v/s Romi, Novas conquestas v/s Velhas Conquestas, Insiders v/s Outsiders in the boxing ring.

The expression "red soil of Goa" takes on a whole new meaning with all the blood soaked abuses these intrepid boxers keep spitting at one another.


Men will be men !! Despite the universal appeal of the women's reservation bill. Men, being the insecure lot, they will throw in enough impediments to stonewall its eventual passage.

Besides the Yadav clan, members of Cong- BJP are also livid that their home turfs may be challenged. Women are relatively more peace loving, accommodating and less brutal than men. But are they more cunning ?

Time will tell, picture abhi baki hai.!!

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

well said dr. you are the light of goa .keep going

m r.naik |

Doctor O.R.: Even mythologies support you. Ramayana was actually created by vile nature of Kaikayee, the step mother of Ram and Mahabharata by Kunti, mother of Pandavas and Draupadi, their wife. Poor men only filled the empty spaces on battle fields.

Kalidas Sawkar |

Oscar, it was lovely to read your views about the importance of a 'balance of power' by reserving seats for women in Politics - a higher order viewpoint no doubt.

Life is all about balance and as you outlined in your blog, men and women both have strengths and weaknesses that complement each other.

Let's just hope the rather large population of male chauvanists who are still stuck in the dark ages start to see the light!

Reyna Rebelo Mendes |

I need to comment and I need not comment ! I do not understand what is "POWER"... Who has is ! Why we use it on our fellow Beings.

I Respect Dr. Oscar Rebello who is fighting for Our GOAN CAUSE to preserve OUR GOLDEN GOA , But I CAN NOT COME TO TERMS TO WOMEN POWER... Look at The HOLY BIBLE How woman was created.

Jose Cunha |

Hats off to you Dr on believing in women's power, especially in a male dominating nation.

Behind every successful nation is a woman.

dave |

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