Monday 02 August 2021

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Don’t fine the VIP Riders; Sudin-bab!


It was equally a nice gesture on the part of Avertano and Rohan to bring helmets, wear them and go back.

It may not be as serious the issue as the media persons captured in Karnataka Assembly, where the legislators were caught watching porno video on a mobile while sitting in the House. But, the nine Goan legislators riding bikes without helmet on national highway is not less serious. That too when the House discussed the importance of wearing helmets, with deep concern, couple of days ago.

It was actually a nice gesture on the part of almost nine legislators to come on bikes to the Assembly. Except Mickky Pacheco, all are first-timers. All of them don’t belong to one particular party. In fact one of them – Avertano Furtado – is a minister. Bike is a popular trend in Goa – among the Goans and also the tourists. It’s almost like Brand Goa!

So nice it could have been if the five riders, including the minister, were wearing helmets. It could have been a positive headline in the media. But it turned into negative with one ‘small’ mistake, which majority Goans do. They carry helmets, but don’t wear. They look at it as ‘police helmet’, not a ‘safety helmet’. Precisely this is the issue the Assembly discussed on Wednesday. Opposition leader Pratapsing Rane, out of concern, told transport minister Sudin Dhawalikar that ‘we are with you on this issue. Let’s enforce it and save lives’. And within two days, Goa witnessed the reality – almost one fourth of the Assembly actually doesn’t share this concern.

What is it? Negligence? Carelessness? Lack of knowledge? Illiteracy? Irresponsible attitude? Or sheer power arrogance? Or did they not know that they are the lawmakers and not the lalwbreakers? If what Congress MLA Aleixo Reginald Lourenco says is true, then – yes – it is power arrogance. They decided not to wear helmet, in spite of cautioning them. If not, then they should realize that they are not common Goan. They are responsible people. In Goa, politician is just not a ruler, he is also a celebrity. The younger generation follows them. And now onwards, all youngsters would follow the ‘Carefree Nines’, by not wearing helmets.

It was equally a nice gesture on the part of Avertano and Rohan to bring helmets, wear them and go back. We cannot expect Mickky to follow the young MLAs. And no one would follow Mickky. In fact no one should. He went back without a helmet, in spite of media asking him – what is the message you want to give to the people by not wearing a helmet? His message, by going back without a helmet, was loud and clear. But more louder was the message by Avertano and Rohan. It was – yes, we believe in correcting our mistakes.

Let us realize that Goa today is crowded with two wheelers. Almost every house has at least one two-wheeler. The number is increasing every day. Not less than 150 two-wheelers get registered every day. We have no statistical data to prove how many two-wheeler riders die every day, simply because they were not wearing a helmet. It is fine if helmet is not made compulsory within the city limits, because you just can’t speed up in the city. But it is equally necessary to save our lives on the highways, where vehicles move faster than our life. It costs us – our dear life!

A suggestion to transport minister Sudin Dhawalikar – don’t fine these five VIP bike riders. Because paying fine is not a punishment to the People’s Representatives. They can easily afford it. Even Aleixo Reginald Lourenco should not bring a calling attention motion on it. As a responsible People’s Representative, they should once again come to the Assembly on a bike – wearing helmets! Speaker Rajendra Arlekar should allow them to carry the helmets in the House. During Zero Hour, they should display the helmets and appeal to whole Goa – Wear a helmet, when you ride on a highway. Not to follow the rule, but to save our life.

Let’s not the rule save our head, let our head (brain) set a self-imposed rule. Simply because, we deserve to Live; and let Live!

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

Shekhar , Panaji:::

Goan Politicians all live in each others pockets.

In PUBLIC, they sometimes appear to be, enemies.

But rest assure "PRIVATE", they are all "LOVE-BUDDYS"

Take for example Mickky Pacheco & Churchill Alemao.

They were sworn enemies.

Today, they are the best of friends again.

Mickky is alleged to have financial problems & needs Churchill.

Churchill is out of power & the Looting Machinery & needs Mickky.

Colva Panchayat is currently dysfunctional, due to interference of these 2 Politicians.

There is a huge "Financial Cake", at stake in Colva.

There is a huge extortion racket taking place at this Panchayat & several Panch Members ,notably Menino Bhakia Fernandes are the main conduits .

I wonder if Mr Parrikar is watching or sitting idly by.

n.fernandes |

Why should Sudin Dhavlikar do something? or, why shousl we expect him to do something here.

Arne't there police/traffic offcials employed/depolyed to take care of security/safety of public and the riders?

Can they not issue tickets to the offenders by themeselves, following rules and regulations without being ordered to do so by their minister bosses or other supriors. Remember Kiran Bedi anyone?

AC |

These MLAs should be debarred/suspended for few days from assembly for breach of oath that they had taken at the time of swearing in ceremmony to protect laws framed by Constitution of India,

one such stern action will give signals to other law brakers.

Hope Speaker will take su-motto action against them,

Shekhar |

Yes, its nothing but power arrogance. They feel that they can do anything any time ; make laws and break laws as and when they feel like. It really made a bad impression on the public, and it was the talk of town.

angela dias |

Since the Assembly is now MULTIMEDIA enabled, it should be brought to the notice of the house VISUALLY.... In the form of gory accident videos, that the media has with them. Just yesterday on the Mapusa Tivim Highway, a bleeding son was seen trying desperately to revive his completely mutilated fathers body, both were riding a scooter and were rammed into by a vehicle. Whos mistakes, not known, but these narration of episodes coupled with visuals should be made clear!!! Why is the Pollution Control Board going gung ho over plastic bags, Why cant people go gung ho over saving lives!

Vernon Fernandes |

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