Wednesday 21 November 2018

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Political Christmas


Have an entertaining X’mas, people!!! After all, we ‘ve booked ringside seats, at this disgraceful circus READ

RP 21: The People's Plan


We would be foolish to believe that the Save Goa battle ends here. Frankly, it has only just begun. But it has become a little eaasier now that the ammunition is on the side of the good guys.READ

The Past that prevents the Future


It is an indisputable fact the just as the modern Muslims cannot and should not carry the cross for Babar’s sins, the vast majority of Hindus cannot and should not carry the cross for the heinous acts of lunatic Hindutva groups in Gujarat and Orissa, the present day Portuguese generation can’t carry the cross of their ancestors’ barbarism. READ

PPP (Pretty Private Profits)


But in Goa logic it seems is always in short supply. So instead of bolstering the Govt health systems, we have a peculiar predicament wherein crores of rupees are spent on specialized health care in the PVT sector via the Mediclaim schemes and now this infamous sweet heart deal with Elbit (an Israeli company who will put up its first tertiary care hospital in India) that again seeks to put public health in a favoured Pvt hand at tax payer cost putting all other super speciality hospitals in Goa to a significant unhealthy disadvantage.READ

Reworking the Script


If you have a script like this, even without the big budget superstars, there are good chances that you could be sitting on a jackpot - areal big one this time.READ

The Spider's Web


I must admit that during my tenure at GMC, even we were coward enough to be arm-twisted to provide sanctuary to many politicians in power on the bail run. We ran the risk of losing our jobs or be shunted to remote postings if we didn’t. Mercifully, the courts were more lenient then.READ

The curious case of Nadia Torrado


The fear, trauma and agony writ large in the victim’s eyes is truly heart wrenching. They may have swallowed the poison to jolt the boyfriend / parent, but now they DON’T want to die and whatever we do , we can never get them back.READ

Children of the Church


On the part of the church authorities, the cover-up scandal is a gigantic error of judgement. Any number of statistics can be bandied about sex abuse cases in other religious orders or silly arguments equating homosexuality with paedophila.READ

Celebrities & Goa


That the spineless, conniving Digambar Kamat Government has its head buried like wolves in a mining pit, is a tragic farce played on Goans, of course.READ

Article 19 And All That Jazz


Unless, we can get our Act together and demonstrate to a man (and woman ) that we are completely committed to stem the rot, the rest of the country will care fiddle sticks for us, and the land mafia will continue to treat us like a bunch of chorus girls and boys, happy with a few dollars thrust into our panties.READ

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Some Christians esp. those of South have always had a hostile attitude towards other religions including Hindus! The kabrastan issue depicts the very same fact. These xenophobic people are ready to queue for Portuguese passports but cannot tolerate another Indian settling in Goa. Konkani Rajbhaas Andolan used these xenophobes and the hooligan who died after being shot dead by the police, was hailed as a martyr.

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