Tuesday 25 June 2019

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Full Day School: Fuller life for children


The formal school mechanism has higher objectives to achieve. It is a laboratory for children to grow into adults. The teacher needs to move away from being a mere tutor. Teacher becomes a demonstrator and facilitator in this process of grooming. These higher goals are sacrificed and mercilessly butchered at the altar of grades and marks.READ

In Search of Congress in Goa


Do you see it anywhere? As for me, the Congress is invisible, the NCP & MGP nowhere and the BJP is crumbling.READ

To Desmond with love


But, certainly, the judges need lessons in human relations and public honour. Your Honour should know that every upright individual is honourable with or without the black robes.READ

Vision 2035---One more sermon


Putting a limit and saying enough to need as well as to greed comes spontaneously to a Goan. READ

Speaker Sir, Do not lash the Whip


The recent direction by the Speaker of the Goa Assembly to the three MLAs would not establish a precedent. At the most, it could be buried as an exception.READ

Municipal Reservations: Positive Disequilibrium


Some seating councillors have lost the eligibility to contest from the ward they represented. Calculations of some have gone awry. They can smell the probable transfer of power to a new set of totally unheard persons. Like school students sensing poor performance at examinations, they are blaming that the questions in the examinations are beyond the scope of syllabus.READ

Ayodhya Verdict: Questionable Doctrines


The verdict of the Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court dumped in cold storage the main issue of title to the disputed properties. It looked as if the Court took a non-adversarial and friendly approach.........READ

Delinquency & Indiscipline without remorse


Our political leadership has without a shadow of doubt demonstrated to us that we should be accommodative to any nonsense.READ

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