Monday 01 June 2020

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Loss of shine as Dalit card being overplayed


The Presidency of the country is battered for political expediency with an eye on 2019 election. The ceremonial post is losing its shine with the question being raised: Do we need a President at all?, asks ADV CLEOFATO ALMEIDA COUTINHO.READ

Promises, Reality & Slogans to drumbeat 2019


Even if the government’s methodology in calculating the GDP and the index of industrial production is not questioned, the three years of ‘achche din time’ 2014-2017 is almost equivalent to the bad days of UPA -II (2012-2014), says ADV CLEOFATO ALMEIDA COUTINHO. READ

France halts the anti-progressive march


Could it be said that Donald Trump’s victory and Britain’s Brexit decision initiated the rejection of globalization and liberal values across the western world with Russia as an ally?, asks ADV CLEOFATO ALMEIDA COUNTINHO.READ

Manage  the Voter, seize the Power


They believe that the electorate can be managed by some small favours like arranging a job for someone or grant of a contract out of turn or may be help someone get out of police clutches, says ADV CLEOFATO ALMEIDA COUNTINHO.READ

Goa:  A setback for Progressive Forces


It cannot be that everything you believe is sacrificed at the altar of practical politics and power politics. There ought to be some honesty and integrity in the manoeuvring party’s interests, says CLEOFATO ALMEIDA COUTINHO.READ

Should Guv invite BJP if it reduces to single largest?


The principle of Sir Ivor Jennings that the ruling party loosing majority in an election even if it emerges as single largest party should not be invited to form the government once it loses majority in the House is worth considering.READ

Dissent, Nationalism and Dakshinayan


The problem here is, any stupid and erratic action is justified with impunity under the guise of ‘nationalism’. The fringe elements’ belief that their brand of nationalism gives them a right to take law in their own hands. True Nationalism is subverted to justify any attack on freedom of speech and right to dissent. READ

J&K, Special Status and Unemployment


There is a misconception that the prohibition of sale of land to non-Kashmiris comes from the special status in the constitution. J&K came into Indian Union under peculiar circumstances and article 370 dealt with the federal scheme only. Law on prohibition on sale of land is not under that special status scheme. READ

Assembly polls of 5 states: A different perspective


History tells us that the ruling party at the center which gets to power by decimating the other side rarely looses in the first half. Look at the 1977 elections, the Janata wave that swept the country brought the Janata governments in the states. Similarly the Indira wave of 1980 brought back the Congress governments. Even the V P Singh wave of 1989 brought Janata Dal governments in the Hindi heartland of UP and Bihar. READ

Full Marks For Uttarakhand Judgement


The open court remarks are worth placing on record. “there is no king or absolutism. Howsoever high you are, the law is above you. Legitimacy of relevant inference drawn from the material that is placed before president is open to judicial review’. READ

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