Saturday 20 July 2019

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Today Kenneth; tomorrow, Who?


He touched a raw, very raw nerve in the BJP. READ

When the ailing King tells the Truth…


And then, out of the blue, the King was struck by a deadly, terminal illness. The race car was being brought to a screeching halt, as fate played its hand. READ

I am NOT the scum of the earth


I betray Goa, joyfully, at the drop of a hat, I seek to sell every inch of her pristine land, But I protest at the failing standard of our living, Hence, I am NOT the scum of the earth. READ

Is it Opinion Poll celebration or chicanery called Asmitai?


Do we have a collective responsibility to our land or are we satisfied by this chicanery called Asmitai?? READ

Bishop speaks for sensible India


Do the BJP trolls by attacking the Bishop admit they have no one humane who adheres to the Constitution in their electoral ranks??? Truly strange!!!READ

Economics with a dash of Goan wisdom


To my mind, it is this hypocrisy of the government that is being challenged day in and day out and the reason why the aftershocks of GST and demonetisation (both necessary structural changes) will continue to be severe and reverberate frighteningly in the corridors of power. READ

‘Goenkarponn’ doesn’t spare even dead Muslims!


In Goa, we have decided not to spare even the dead Muslim by denying him / her a decent burial space. This must be a record of sorts. READ

What's your beef ???


Let every religious head publicly declare that all religions lead to God and no religion is superior to another... then see the change, says DR OSCAR REBELLO. READ

Political assassination


Is the wise man's contention that the whole country is now squeaky search and rid of all corruption? And the only last vestiges of corruption are in Delhi? Even idiocy has its limits, says DR OSCAR REBELLO. READ

Oh Arvind, my Arvind !!!


To drag Team AK and the AAP team and parade them like some deshdrohis, to be sent to the guillotine, as the partisan media - particularly electronic - seems to suggest is an appalling affront to any remnant of democracy, if still alive in our country, says DR OSCAR REBELLO.READ

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Some Christians esp. those of South have always had a hostile attitude towards other religions including Hindus! The kabrastan issue depicts the very same fact. These xenophobic people are ready to queue for Portuguese passports but cannot tolerate another Indian settling in Goa. Konkani Rajbhaas Andolan used these xenophobes and the hooligan who died after being shot dead by the police, was hailed as a martyr.

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