Friday 21 February 2020

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Modi's firm message, but can war-mongers be kept at bay?


The question then is, will the Modi administration follow up the surgical strikes with a more concerted assault on Pakistans terror machine. Elections in the key state of Uttar Pradesh are just months away and Modi is aware that he cannot afford another jhappi-pappi moment with Nawaz Sharif , which is why the Saarc summit has been called off.READ

AAP at the crossroads


With AAP falling off its high moral perch, a certain middle class disillusionment has set in: Kejriwal is no longer the icon of the class that embraced him during the Anna movement.READ

Dil Maange More: A sports revolution


Kheloge kudoge to hoge kharab, padhoge likhoge to banoge nawab (if you play, you will be wasting your life, but if you study you will be a king). Yes, we like the idea of our son finishing first in the school athletics competition, but would rather he got into IIT or medical college. READ

Gau Rakshak are anti-Dalit: Why should BJP worry


Statistics show that atrocities against Dalits have been on the rise in Gujarat even as conviction rates are among the lowest in the country. It is almost as if Dalits are finally waking up to a harsh reality that participation in a rath yatra or a riot for that matter won’t change the feudal order in regions like Saurashtra where the rigidity of caste traditions has still not been annihilated.READ

Don't write off Smriti Irani


Make no mistake: Ms Irani is a talented politician. She is a first-rate orator, multi-lingual, charismatic and someone who can create an instant connect with large audiences. Those are all fine qualities to possess in this media age of 360-degree communication. But they need not necessarily make you an effective minister.READ

The muck if Indian politics


Four recent instances highlight just how the disease of immoral politics is now a contagion that has spread across the political class. No party is immune to its depravity.READ

PM Modi and the TINA factor


In a general election race though, Modi remains the front-runner because he is the beneficiary of the TINA (there is no alternative) factor. There is no evidence in the last two years that Rahul Gandhi has the appetite to challenge Modi as a pan-Indian leader. Regional satraps have their limitations too. READ

Amma and Didi: Cult of the 'Supremos'


Both Jayalalithaa and Mamata run their parties as tightly-controlled one-woman shows: Does anyone know who is number 2 in their respective parties, someone who might be considered a potential successor?READ

Towards a 'Congress-Mukt' Bharat?


The BJP has replaced the Congress as the principal pole of Indian politics. It has also embraced the Congress “culture”: the party with a difference is now a regime which wields absolute power with ruthless efficiency at the Centre. READ

Art of Living and politicians: When loyalty trumps propriety


But why single out Narendra Modi? The success of Sri Sri’s event management style is that it is inclusive and non-discriminatory. Kejriwal may claim to stand for the ‘aam aadmi’ and rail against VIP privilege, but this was one event where he seemed more than happy to share the stage with the ‘khaas aadmis’.READ

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