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A High Court for Goa


Today, I am informed, even peons and orderlies at the Panaji Bench of the Bombay High Court are brought over from Maharashtra. Are there no Goans, fit even to be peons and orderlies?READ

Election mode


We seem to have progressed (or regressed) from a multi-party to a multi- family democracy, which is now the cause of much heated discussion. The question is, should family members of politicians contest elections? READ

Traffic Safety: Weak


Now there is an option, in case one cannot make an “8” on the road. The alternative is to make a “1000” in the pocket of the Motor Vehicles Inspector conducting the test. Your licence will reach your home, before you do. READ

Many Liberations


The liberation of Goa exposed Indian profession of non violence as hollow and gave the Chinese the opportunity they were waiting for. In less than a year of Goa’s liberation, a much stronger Chinese army crossed the Macmohan line, and the ill fed and ill clad Indian army was forced into retreat. That was the Himalayan Blunder (neither pun nor fun intended). READ

Birds and I


We walked miles simply watching the birds and enjoying the breeze, with my father identifying the birds. Now back in my village, I hope to walk the same paths with my children in tow, recreating old memories.READ

The Dr Barbosa: You did not know


Dr.Luis Proto Barbosa was the first person to untie the Gordian knot. And he did so, majestically. Later, the D’Souzas, the Sardinhas and the Faleiros would cross the rubicon (the Mandovi if you please). Others too tried and some drowned in the process.READ



Our voters, are split into two categories. The purchasable, which is an overwhelming majority and the non purchasable, which is a pitiable rump. And the purchasable are not merely those who sell their votes but includes all those who cast their votes for favours received or for considerations other than legislative merit. You may blame the politicians for all your worth. The truth, however, is that the MLA reflects the true personality of the voter.READ

Nutty Business


Why should we climb coconut trees? Asks another plucker. The job is risky and everyone looks down upon a plucker. Not true, I tell him. I have always seen pluckers climb the tallest tree and look down upon everyone else ! READ

Khamraj Anyone?


As can be seen, the concept of justice in Ramrajya, is in complete contrast to the equality guaranteed to all under our Constitution. Effectively anyone who supports Ramrajya is opposing the basic framework of our Constitution. Equality before the law, everywhere and for everyone, is the bedrock of our Constitution. The Constitution guarantees Shambuka the right to stand on his legs or his head, as he chooses to, and still not be decapitated, on account thereof !READ

Medium of Confusion


The argument against releasing grants for English medium, seem to hinge on the imputation, that English is an import and that, our native culture would be adversely affected, if children study in the foreign language. However, it is difficult to comprehend, what exactly constitutes Indian culture, considering that our country has been conquered dominated and subjugated for thousands of years, by invaders. READ

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Dear Adv. Gracias,

You have brilliant ideas! The UGDP is alive until today thanks to Adv. Viegas & You. Now that your party is in search for a new leader why don't you approach Dr. Oscar Rebello? (Dr. Francisco Colaco, Sabina Martins, Remo Fernandes, Hema Sardessai, Lendel Rodrigues, Ramakant Khalap, Vishwas Prabhudessai, Nirmala Sawant,...)You could approach all NGOs too and thus create a force to protect Goa and goan interests under the legendry TWO LEAVES symbol. You should strive to take the party to every corner of Goa. Make it a party of NIZGOENKARS! All hindus, catholics, muslims & others (its law abiding non-goan population) who love Goa & goan culture, peace & harmony should come under one platform. All those who can't participate physically should do so financially. Goans are known for their generosity.

I am sure every true son & daughter of Goa & everyone who love Goa would contribute & do their best to protect their motherland. The UGDP should just have one agenda above all. FOR GOA & GOAN INTERTESTS! Today many MLAs from our present 40 MLAs have missed their mission. May be if I was one of them, however clean I am may be I too would have got a bit dirty (Isn't one apple enough to spoil the whole basket?).

So let us not just cry over spilt milk. We have to overhaul the whole system for the love of our motherland GOA & our future generations. If we have a will we can achieve our goal. I am a faithful Congressman right from (my adolescence period) the time when Froilano Machado had fought & got elected from the Cortalim constituency under the COW & CALF symbol.

I hope Sonia Gandhi is aware about the happenings in Goa and would understand my stand. I am proud of her. She is trying hard to do her best to achieve the late Rajiv Gandhi's dream to take India to the 21st century and is thus striving hard to serve the nation under the UPA.

But on the goan scenario, I am slowly loosing the hope in the Congress party. Under the Congress I see one solution to cleanse the whole system in Goa.

The NSUI or The Youth Congress should field 40 new candidates or support new faces. Only then a change may come!

I wish all the best to those who work tirelessly to bring some sense in goan politics.

I remain at your disposition if I can do something or contribute financially for this common cause.

God save Goa!

Jai Goa! Jai Hind!

[email protected]

Francis Fernandes |

'...raising all those same questions as applied to Goa.' Please read'... contributing to all those questions he has raised as applied to Goa.'

Kalidas |

A lively article with too many true questions but no solutions nor hope nor even brighter side. This is typically a rebel's viewpoint (rebel for the sake of rebellion!) from somebody who has played his role in Goa's political ethos since seventies raising all those same questions as applied to Goa.

Kalidas |

Nicely written article!

May be such a rapid degeneration within a short time is unfortunate! The manipulation of the system to cling to power and to establish dynasty rule, the corrupt gaining social acceptance, division of the society vertically and horizontally on caste, religion, rich, poor, etc is disgusting. We blame the foreign powers all the time but what have we done in 60 years after gaining independence? Manipulated the system, brought in dynasty rule, divided the society on all possible lines, collected thousands of crores black money and deposited it in Swiss banks, made corruption appear a normal way of life, degenerated the judiciary by making the whole process so tardy as to deny justice to the common man for decades, made the life and property of a common man unsafe, made one section of the society to all the time fight with the other section, under the guise of serving the people, generated new feudal lords in form of the corrupt leaders to exploit the society ruthlessly! But we still never realize all this and continue to fight over trivial issues! May be we deserve this rot and dirt!

James Silva |

Very nicely written brilliant article!

You are right.When the system commits injustice against a section of the people, they revolt against the system! China has progressed and is the super power in true sense.Even the US owes a huge debt to China and if this debt is sold by China in international market or if China demands it back from US, then the see how the dollar will crumble!

In American market one finds right from a needle to a computer all made in China at rates which are a fraction of the US made goods. Even in Indian markets one sees the invasion by the Chinese goods! For all this to happen it needs hard work by one and all. It needs honesty and integrity at all levels. I remember having read one news article a few years back when the drug controller of China was publicly hanged and what was the charge against him? That -three spurious drugs came in the market during his tenure!- And what is the conditions in the Indian markets? More than 30 percent of drugs are said to be spurious as per the reports appearing in new media! And is anybody really punished?

What happens to the population control in China? Not more than one child! Very strict enforcement as one can see the results!

Compare all this with our country! Everybody is free to produce kids as he wishes- it doesnot matter whether he is able to take care of them or not! And what are the consequences? Growing poverty, growing unemployment, thefts, robberies, crimes and overburdened education, health care, and other infrastructure!

I remember a few years back In Tinanmes square in China, the students were protesting against the communism, and this student movement was put down with a heavy hand!Many youth lost their lives! Compare this to, what happens when there is a bund or strike here? The public property like buses, trains etc are set on fire! does anybody think as to whose property we set on fire? And does any body get punishment? No. Never!

The Judicial system takes decades to give its verdict! Can this be called justice when it it is delayed for generations?

You are right, when the system is manipulated to take care of a few privileged, a time comes when the underprivileged have no option but to revolt against the system in what ever manner possible! And the neighboring countries like China. Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. would be too happy to aid these rebels all the time, to fuel the unrest! What happens to corruption here?Right from top to bottom, a good number of people are engaged in taking and giving bribes! How many honest people with integrity would you find here? It is a tragedy that the dishonest and corrupt people here gain social acceptance once they become rich! This is a sign of degenerated society!

But what are the remedies to cure all these ills? There are no easy solutions! May be the time itself will take care !

vishwas prabhudesai |

i think behind success of this politicians (churchill babush or mickey) brilliance of top Advogads( like Jethmalani, Radharao etc.) plays important role.

sanjay dessai |

brilliantly argued and hadsomely written senhor advogado... a genuine masterpiece.. however your nonsense in another recent article thrashing india mercilessly was without any reasoning or fundamentals... keep up your lively posts and provocative blogs.. and please please dont blow it by discussing these enlightened thoughts with the likes of churchill babush or mickey when they come grovelling to the UGDP in the summer of 2012

oscar rebello |

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