Saturday 24 August 2019

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Strip those Rumblers!


If a car goes over Rumble Strips at high speed, it could lose control and crash. Instead of being a safety measure, they are actually a safety hazard!READ

War is Not the Answer


“Social media warriors, please stop. If you want war, go to the front…”READ

Anatomy of a Surgical Strike


It is a military feat; it shows the capability of our armed forces in striking the terrorists deep inside the territory of their sponsor country. But will it bring down terrorism?READ

United we Fall…


The Congress now has 14 MLAs; once more the single largest party in the Assembly. If the BJP loses the coming Lok Sabha election, this government could collapse like a house of cards READ

Chowkidars and Chors


High-profile corruption cases being pursued by central investigation agencies are, quite openly, political weaponsREAD

Don’t Rub Salt into the Wounds of Mining-Dependents


Union Mines Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has clearly said that the central government will not intervene in Goa’s mining crisis.READ

The Curious Case of Anand Teltumbde


Can unverified, unconnected letters be sufficient to deprive an outstanding Indian — Prof Anand Teltumbde — of his freedom for years, merely because they refer to a fairly common first name that he shares? Sadly, the Higher Judiciary, seen as the last protector of our Constitutional rights, refused to intervene and quash the caseREAD

Yes to Turban but No to Hijab?


Has any UGC or NTA official ever asked a Sikh man to remove his turban before giving the NET exam? Then why this blatant discrimination against Muslim women who choose to wear the Hijab?READ

What the Rafale Tape does not Reveal


What is more interesting than Vishwajit Rane’s ‘revelations’ about Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and his supposed stash of Rafale files is what Goa's Health Minister says before and after on the tapeREAD

Watch Out. Your Fixed Deposits may be in Danger!


If the proposed FRDI Bill becomes law, your bank will be able to confiscate your fixed deposits to save itself from bankruptcy.READ

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