Friday 05 June 2020

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Conspiracy of upper cast


The Mandal Commission has opened the eyes of the suppressed Bahujan Samaj and it is just a matter of time before the Bahujan Samaj sees through the game of the Brahmins and become masters of English. READ

Konkani! Marathi! English!


Konkani, we shall continue to speak, whether we study it or not, being our mother tongue. The study of Portuguese language did not destroy Konkani neither has the study of English language, done so. If grants are released to English medium schools it would sound the death knell of Marathi, since not many parents will send their children to Marathi schools. READ

History repeats


The Archdiocese of Goa is living on appearances. Its religiosity is a mask.... Our religiosity is a mere buff, our beliefs superficial. All are Catholics, but very few are Christians.READ

Straws in the wind


Don’t be a cynic I am told, the tide will turn. “There will be light at the end of the tunnel”. I have waited long. READ

Chauvinism versus Patriotism


That being so, why does the RSS and its sister organizations not hold camps of its patriotic swayamsevaks and call upon the army, to select from its cadre? The army should be easily able to enroll 14,000 officers from among the 25 million ‘pathetic’ swayamsevaks. Will the RSS at least now prove its patriotism and provides its cadres for recruitment into the army? It is time that the Sangh Parivar cadres display their patriotism on the Indo-Pak border! That is where the threat lies.READ

The Maoists


We take pride that our democracy has survived. Rightly so. We have survived. So what? Life is not merely a matter of survival. Have we thrived? The cockroach too has survived. Two million years ! It is still a cockroach. READ

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Dear Mr. Gracias, I am writing on behalf of a close friend in Mumbai. I have found her mother's birth certificate and grandparents baptism, marriage and death certificates. Unfortunately I want to know the position as to whether Portugues Law recognises parents that are unmarried. In another words: illegitimate children. My friend was born in 1955 and unable to find her parents marriage certificate. She would like to seek Portuguese citizenship directly from her mothers side - the goan connection. I would appreciate a response if this is feasible and under which specific Portuguese part of the Nationality Act. Many thanks and regards. Viona Philips

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