Monday 22 April 2019

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Why the London Fire should be a Warning for Goans


Aluminium Composite Panels (ACPs), blamed for the rapid spread of the London fire, are the very same colourful material used to cover the exterior of commercial buildings in Goa's cities, says ASHWIN TOMBAT.READ

Lessons in the Language of Hate


The GSM, which was formed ostensibly for achieving a "rightful place" for Konkani and Marathi, seems to be talking the language of religious hatred nowREAD

New Research Raises Questions on Fishing Ban


New research has shown that the monsoon is not the breeding season for quite a number of popular varieties of table fish. For example, the popular 'Visvonn' or Kingfish breeds mainly in October and November.READ

EVM Hackathon or Fake-athon?


Big software and hardware companies actually pay 'ethical' hackers high salaries to find flaws in their product, so they can safeguard it. But the EC is doing the opposite. It is preventing hackers from finding flaws in the EVMs. Is this the way to safeguard democracy? asks ASHWIN TOMBAT.READ

Will the Dona Paula Jetty be next to fall?


The new Dona Paula jetty, built by the Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation (GSIDC) and completed as recently as 2009, is in deep distress. The reinforcing steel bars in the structure are exposed and corroding, says ASHWIN TOMBAT.READ

Will Babush Fight Parrikar in Panaji?


Simple arithmetic should tell Babush that it is much better to contest from Panaji, unless he has an ironclad deal with the BJP that the party will not seriously oppose him if he contests from Santa Cruz.To contest from Santa Cruz without the BJP's direct or indirect support would be political suicide.READ

Face it: We Goans Don't Care for Cleanliness


Let's face facts here. Those primarily responsible for dumping this junk are not migrant 'ghanti' labourers or tourists. They are 'Goenkars'; people born and brought up in Goa, says ASHWIN TOMBAT.READ

Pros and Cons of Ola, Uber...


Not just tourists and people in the travel trade, but Goa's ordinary people are thoroughly fed up with goonda tactics of Goa's taxi operators. Does that mean I support the petition for Ola, Uber? Here, I am not quite so sure. We must be careful what we wish for, says ASHWIN TOMBAT.READ

Nir-Aadhaar Card


The Aadhaar database does not recognise special characters like an apostrophe, while the PAN card does. This means all D'Souzas, D'Silvas, D'Cunhas and D'Mellos could face major problems when filing their Income Tax returns this year, says ASHWIN TOMBAT.READ

Sound and Light about Music


As a state, Goa runs on Tourism. Does that mean we should allow loud music to be played till late in the night? Well, the answer is Yes and No, says ASHWIN TOMBAT.READ

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Hahahahahah, I think ban on rave or stopping late night parties is not a good idea. They are so many people out there who love goa for the music and the place so I think stopping all this will be taking the freedom . People who come to goa should be smart enough to know what's going on they do there own thing have a happy holiday and get home . Foolish people stupid people who get things from the internet show up on the sea shore wandering around , that should be stopped . Keep it real keep it underground S T A Y S A F E . L E T T H E M U S I C K I L L Y O U . F R E E T H E R A V E . F R E E M U S I C . F R E E G O A . F R E E L O V E . GET BAD DRUG DETECTERS , so they can get there Drug tested to know if it's spiked or PURE. Help in this way , stop making stupid decisions think forward. Goa is for MUSIC and pure night dark music. L I V E H A P P Y

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