Sunday 24 March 2019

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Freedom and its Legal Limits


Soli Sorabjee, Solicitor General of India in the Vajpayee-led NDA government, said in context of last year's JNU controversy, that though he found some of the slogans 'problematic' and even 'deplorable', expressing such views was not Sedition.READ

Carnaval: Fasting and Feasting


The Carnival Parade is not traditional. It has little or nothing to do with Goan culture. From its very origin in 1967, the parade was a rather unimaginative carbon copy of the Brazilian Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro. Its one-and-only objective was, is, and will always be to attract tourists to Goa.READ

Churchill, Caitu and the Facts


Is registration of birth in Lisbon the same as acquisition of Portuguese citizenship? Not quite. The actual document that confers Portuguese citizenship is a citizenship card; the 'Cartao de Cidadao'.READ

Lachar Samhita


The voting is over. The votes are secure in their EVMs. Then why is the Election Code of Conduct still on? If the Code remains in force till 11 March, it will be a short month and a few days before it is back, thanks to Panchayat elections scheduled in mid-May. READ

Opinions and Polls


It is not just you and I who are finding Goa's 2017 election hard to guess. The professional psephologists, who conduct 'scientific' opinion polls, are equally divided.READ

Ab tera kya hoga, Dhirio?


When millions of young, modern, forward-looking people stand up to fight for their traditional culture, they deserve to be heard, says ASHWIN TOMBATREAD

Comings and Goings


Is Manohar Parrikar going to leave Delhi and come back to Goa as Chief Minister if the BJP gets a majority in the coming elections, asks ASHWIN TOMBATREAD

Cashless is not Painless (or Less-Cash is not Less-Pain)


Cashless transactions don’t come free. And the person who pays, ultimately, directly or indirectly, is the consumer – you and me, says ASHWIN TOMBATREAD

More realistic budget than last year


The CM has come out with a budget that is not only far more realistic than last year’s, but one that is scalable in case his loophole-closing efforts fail to garner the revenue he has projected.READ

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