Friday 18 October 2019

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Remedy worse than disease ..


In the women’s’ reservation bill, it is almost clear that overwhelmingly MPs are opposed to the bill. It is argued that the bill amounts to sacrificing their seats. On the basis of selfish interest, the Members of Parliament are opposed to the bill. READ

Set up NIT at Bainguinim


There lies the scam... Though there is a move to drop Bainguinim as a garbage disposal site, the silence from every quarter is deafening. There are no murmurs from any NGO. The opposition parties are quiet. READ

Towards more tolerance


The Supreme Court has clearly answered the issue that hurting of popular sentiments leading to law and order problem cannot permit the state to restrict freedom of expression. READ

Rule of Law, not of Men


There are no two opinions that the state administration has over a period of time has become corrupt and on number of occasions have colluded with the mining lobby and the Real Estate Sharks. READ

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