Thursday 23 March 2017

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Should Guv invite BJP if it reduces to single largest?


The principle of Sir Ivor Jennings that the ruling party loosing majority in an election even if it emerges as single largest party should not be invited to form the government once it loses majority in the House is worth considering.READ

Dissent, Nationalism and Dakshinayan


The problem here is, any stupid and erratic action is justified with impunity under the guise of ‘nationalism’. The fringe elements’ belief that their brand of nationalism gives them a right to take law in their own hands. True Nationalism is subverted to justify any attack on freedom of speech and right to dissent. READ

J&K, Special Status and Unemployment


There is a misconception that the prohibition of sale of land to non-Kashmiris comes from the special status in the constitution. J&K came into Indian Union under peculiar circumstances and article 370 dealt with the federal scheme only. Law on prohibition on sale of land is not under that special status scheme. READ

Assembly polls of 5 states: A different perspective


History tells us that the ruling party at the center which gets to power by decimating the other side rarely looses in the first half. Look at the 1977 elections, the Janata wave that swept the country brought the Janata governments in the states. Similarly the Indira wave of 1980 brought back the Congress governments. Even the V P Singh wave of 1989 brought Janata Dal governments in the Hindi heartland of UP and Bihar. READ

Full Marks For Uttarakhand Judgement


The open court remarks are worth placing on record. “there is no king or absolutism. Howsoever high you are, the law is above you. Legitimacy of relevant inference drawn from the material that is placed before president is open to judicial review’. READ

Regulatory Authority for real estate or corruption?


Though the proposed law is shown as an attempt to protect the common man with the objective of the government to provide housing for all by 2020 through enhanced private participation, to my mind it is neither in the interest of industry nor the common man.READ

Scrapping RP21 will destroy Goa


There is opposition to the Regional Plan 2021 particularly in the villages of Salcete. The opposition to the plan has become very handy to the government to propose the scrapping of the plan in the election year. READ

Is Mahagathbandhan possible in Goa?


Vijay Sardesai, the strongest votary of the alliance politics, has caught the imagination of the people. But Fatorda is part of Salcete and Fatorda alone cannot spearhead an alliance. Any alliance in Goa will have to be beyond Salcete. READ

NJAC Debate: Reminiscences of Indira Gandhi


There can be no argument over a fact that a few in the Indian judicial system has let the institution down. These few have also entered the system through what is now called the collegium system (judges appointing judges), a system invented by the Supreme Court and championed by one of our finest judges justice J.S. Verma, who later in life accepted deficiencies of that systemREAD

Taking manipulations at Civic Polls lying down


There is also a manipulation in reserving wards for women and OBC to such an extent that for decades certain wards are never reserved while some are reserved every time. The reservation policy is used to knock out political opponents or to favour political supporters. READ

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