Friday 29 May 2020

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Colonial syndrome of Krishna


Not even one episode in mythology presents either of them having inferior complex since they belong to dark complexion. Having complexes of being a darker person seems to be a colonial syndrome during British regime in our country.READ

The politics of IFFI


The idea behind having five members from the various Government departments instead of a FESTIVAL DIRECTOR is as disastrous as having five captains to one ship. Where is this going to lead? READ

Goa may lose IFFI "permanently"


Goa might lose the opportunity of hosting this event any more. If the state government does not take preventive action and make necessary changes in the formation of ESG, the agency that is instrumental in creating efficiency at the ground level, the IFFI would change its venue this year; or may be next year.READ

Vitthaldas to Moscow


It’s high time Goans stand up and retain its original titles, sculptures, architecture…rather preserve its own identity.READ

What is so 'great' about New Year?


Can we ever analyse what exactly is the New Year mean to each one of us? Is it an occasion to party or is it a mystical hope that things will be better in future? Does New Year bring in any change in our lives? Does it actually act as a catalyst to our hopes and aspirations?READ

ESG and the Elephant


The ill reputation that ESG brings to the state of Goa is no lesser than an abuse on the coastal belt. Any Goan who is proud of being a hospitable and lovable guest will feel let down by the bunch of bureaucrats managing IFFI. The most important thing is that IFFI has exposed poor management skills of the State Government agency - ESG. The tried and tested formula continues till today. READ

SUSEGAAD and its aftermath


I do not want to bring in Goan and Non–Goan issue here. But I am certainly referring to the gradually decaying spirit of a Goan to live in Goa. Selling out small shops to the big business houses, selling acres of land to the industrialists from outside Goa, giving preference to work in a hotel rather than setting up a small scale business is a normal trend. READ

R u a Konkani?


Few years from now, the new generation of Konkanis across the globe will hardly speak or write Konkani. I wonder if Konkani will still be written or spoken after another twenty years. READ


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Laxmikant Shetgaonkar is a Goan filmmaker of international repute, presently shuttles between Goa and Mumbai. He has created history with his first Konkani film “Paltadacho Munis” (A Man Beyond the Bridge) winning the most prestigious FIPRESCI award, also known as Discovery Award of the Critics, at Toronto International film festival in 2009. His first short film “Eka Sagar Kinari” had also bagged a National Award, the first one for Goa once again, in 2005. Laxmikant graduated in Theatre Arts from Kala Academy, Goa. He was an Actor-Teacher at India’s prestigious theater training school, National School of Drama, New Delhi. Overwhelmed with the quality of world cinema, he decided to take up the medium of cinema to express his concerns. He has also started a cinema movement in Goa, by forming Entertainment Network of Goa. He has also directed many more films. He has figured in the Top Ten youngest achievers of India in Sun magazine in 1995. His profile and activities are available on his website .


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