Friday 29 May 2020

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Goans are already enjoying dual citizenship from 1961


In the case of Goans, born before 20.12.1961, none of us have “voluntarily acquired” citizenship of Portugal. On the contrary, the citizenship of India has been conferred on us, despite the fact that Goans continue to be citizens of Portugal.READ

Achhe Din?


The BJP, I realise knows its onions. And tomatoes. And chillies, too.READ

Is History about to Repeat?


Narendra Modi may soon find himself out-manoeuvred and the new Peshavas may take over the Delhi ‘gaddi’. Sudarshan Rao is the first salvo fired by the RSS to clear the path.READ

India needs a Martin Luther to fight superstition


Religion is nothing but superstition, in formal dress. While Europe suffered from the flat earth syndrome, India suffered and continues to suffer, from the holy cow syndrome. READ

What Next?


The family in India and throughout the world is the nucleus around which a society is built. If a person is not competent to manage a family, how will he manage a whole country? READ

Disasters & Exploiters


Consider; a man projected as the next Prime Minister goes in the disaster area and selectively rescues only Gujaratis. Does he not know, that in matters of rescue, all that matters, is humanity and there are no racial or regional identifications? READ

Conversions & Convulsions


The Portuguese won and we kowtowed to them. Had Tipu Sultan succeeded in defeating the British in 1799, his Sultanate would have perhaps extended to Goa. All of our ancestors would have embraced Islam, without demur. READ

Feathered Friends


The countryside is flat and coconut trees rise up everywhere. The stereculia stands tall with a perfect canopy of drooping branches, shorn of leaf. Kidney shaped pods red and ripe hang on the branches. READ

Special Status


Goans must remember that elections to the Lok Sabha are due in about a year’s time and the Congress must be made to lose its deposit in both the seats, as it is the Congress mostly that is responsible for the mess that is Goa. If we fail to do so, it follows that we do not deserve special status.READ

Nationality Woes


While we are clamouring for special status within India, the Portuguese granted us such a status, without being asked, and which is the cause of the present controversy. READ

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Radharao F.Gracias is a senior Trial Court lawyer and ex President of the South Goa Advocates Association. He is also former independent MLA of Goa. He has been an activist on issues related to Goa for more than three decades.


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