Wednesday 12 August 2020

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This isn't my old Dharwad, where now Kalburgi is killed


Dharwar was the place to rest, recover, sing all night and then move on. Stories are recounted with awe and a sense of participation in a special history: “Ustad Abdul Karim Khan was a frequent visitor. READ

Ravindrabab - neither Left nor Right


Ravindrabab belongs neither to the right nor the left, he is neither a traditionalist nor a modernist, neither a rabid rationalist nor wedded to romantic idealism. He has read widely and chosen values and ideals that suited the time and his people. READ

Need to respond to Pundalik Naik's appeal


It seems to me that Pundalik’s reflections point to the fact that those in executive positions can work and channelise their own power for the good of our society. He posed searching questions seemingly to himself - he who was once the firebrand convener of Konkani Projecho Awaz, - wondering if Government positions had blunted the edge of his commitment to preserve the best in Goa. READ

A Time to Celebrate


We must also give new meanings from our experience to what we are all searching for, namely the grammar of the new politics. READ


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Maria Aurora Couto

Maria Aurora Couto, recipient of Padma Shri in 2010, is a writer and an educationist. Her book "Goa: A Daughter's Story", a cultural history of Goa, analyses the state of the tiny state from pre-liberation Portuguese regime till date. She has also translated “Etnography of Goa, Daman and Diu”, a classic work in Portuguese by A.B. Braganca Pereira. Both books have been published by Viking, Penguin. Yet another book to her credit is "Graham Greene: On the Frontier, Politics and Religion in the Novels" by Macmillan, London published in 1986. She is also known for fearlessly voicing out her opinions on Goa's social and environmental issues. 


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