Thursday 16 July 2020

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Behind the waterfall a tiny shrub was growing in a crack in the rock. A little bird had built her nest there and in the midst of the rush of water, it sat in perfect peace.READ

Whose gift?


Thrilled to receive the gift, the little girl tore off the gift paper. When unpacked, she was disappointed to find a stainless steel container, of no use to her. So she pushed the gift to her uncle’s hands and moved away. READ

Find Alternatives


The first resolution ends up being the final one. Effectiveness is sacrificed at the altar of speed.READ

Eye Capture


Alfred Eisenstaedt said it so well that ‘The important thing is not the camera but the eye!’ READ

Measure of Love


Love cannot be slave to the situation. Love cannot wax and wane due to changing times. READ

Power of One


It is power that comes from individual initiative. It is about walking the path without waiting for the comfort of company. It is about having the courage to stand up for one’s beliefs and values. READ

Unlearn the Habit


It is pertinent to note that habit has to be divorced first in the mind, before the body can be freed. We must try out choices. If we embrace the wide spectrum of plurality, habits have no space to form.READ

Clean Up!


Azad Maidan was littered with empty juice containers, used paper plates and leftovers of discarded food. The organisers as well as the audience had desecrated the very place that was used to consecrate lofty words.READ

Null Set


Imagination is important, but it is not enough. To be better, it needs to be transformed into a clear vision and backed by a motivated mission to achieve it. Null sets get filled when dreams are empowered by steadfast belief and committed actions. READ

The END?


Too often, we let everyone’s opinion matter and herald the beginning of the end. Every time, we find ourselves at a seeming dead end, we must remind ourselves that optimism is the only way to live.READ

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