Wednesday 19 February 2020

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Thinking Freely

Constitutional idealism and today’s India


Can one become Constitutional by protesting the CAA and the NRC on streets? Can one become constitutional by reading the “holy book” of the Constitution of India in schools? OR do we need to remove this parallel constitution that exists in our minds and makes our socialism and secularism less than skin deep?READ

Maria Pitache and our Freedom Fighters


I frankly fail to fathom how such a beautiful depiction of stark reality of today’s society of ours – our tendency to prefer that women remain prisoners of patriarchy – be antinational. READ

Mind Control & Cult


Thought reform or Mind Control is an invisible social adaptation brought about by a well co-ordinated program of coercive persuasion wherein the locus of control of one’s body and mind is transferred from within the adult individual to an external authority.The question now is how this is achievable. READ

Bounded Choice in Goan Society


In closed, self sealing groups not only is rationality bounded; even choice is bounded. Such closed self sealing, sharply bounded social groups are called CULTS and the binding force on cognitive ability is called cult indoctrination. Cult indoctrination and freedom cannot coexist -- may it be the freedom of the individual mind or the freedom of the democratic society. READ

The Spring I Soaked In…..


Vasant Karapurkar, the freedom fighter, was not a nationalist in the narrow sense of the word. Neither did he hate the Portuguese nor was he proud of the so called Indian culture. His was a struggle to end the exploitation of one section of humanity by another.He was a rationalist to the core.READ

Talking Totalism


The most important psychosocial aspect of the totalist quest is if anyone strongly opposes it, he or she becomes a totalist him/her self! If one does not oppose this quest then again one is enslaved by the totalism of the quest. This way, totalism becomes self sustaining and the only option to defeat it lies in a violent war or in the more idealistic radical transformation of individual consciousness. READ

Get out of my Dreams... Get into my World


.......So my dear Equality, Humanism, Atheism, Conscience, Questioning,Knowledge, Civilization, Democracy and Enlightenment......just get out of my dreams and get into my world!READ

A Gandhian Correction !


As we walk further and further from the time Gandhi walked on Earth, we find him becoming more and more relevant. Decentralized democracy, movement for socioeconomic equality and non violence are rapidly becoming a social necessity. Perhaps on his 150th birth anniversary, India could give itself a gift of a Gandhian correction -- even if it is six and a half decades late.READ

Freedom and India


Freedom is shattered by the communal behaviour of Indian culture. This behaviour manifests as strong family values, strong religious, caste and regional values. Although regional and family values are less sectarian, they are still communal and divisive. All these stifle the flowering of a free mind, a free nation in the true sense of the word.READ

Nightmares and Daydreams


The daydream of the philistine has become the nightmare of secular, intellectual thought of this land.READ

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Dr Mukul Pai Raiturkar

Dr Mukul R Pai Raiturkar is a consultant pediatrician & neonatologist practicing in Margao. He is the co-convener of Ami Goenkar, an organisation of secular young Goans working towards a novel approach to religious-political issues of Goa. Son of veteran Goan freedom fighter Mr Ravindranath Pai Raiturkar, he exudes unshakable faith in a liberal, secular and free spirited democracy of India.


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