Tuesday 23 May 2017

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Will Babush Fight Parrikar in Panaji?


Simple arithmetic should tell Babush that it is much better to contest from Panaji, unless he has an ironclad deal with the BJP that the party will not seriously oppose him if he contests from Santa Cruz.To contest from Santa Cruz without the BJP's direct or indirect support would be political suicide.READ

Face it: We Goans Don't Care for Cleanliness


Let's face facts here. Those primarily responsible for dumping this junk are not migrant 'ghanti' labourers or tourists. They are 'Goenkars'; people born and brought up in Goa, says ASHWIN TOMBAT.READ

Pros and Cons of Ola, Uber...


Not just tourists and people in the travel trade, but Goa's ordinary people are thoroughly fed up with goonda tactics of Goa's taxi operators. Does that mean I support the petition for Ola, Uber? Here, I am not quite so sure. We must be careful what we wish for, says ASHWIN TOMBAT.READ

Nir-Aadhaar Card


The Aadhaar database does not recognise special characters like an apostrophe, while the PAN card does. This means all D'Souzas, D'Silvas, D'Cunhas and D'Mellos could face major problems when filing their Income Tax returns this year, says ASHWIN TOMBAT.READ

Sound and Light about Music


As a state, Goa runs on Tourism. Does that mean we should allow loud music to be played till late in the night? Well, the answer is Yes and No, says ASHWIN TOMBAT.READ

Out of Sight is not Out of Mind


Instead of this ban, the Supreme Court could have mandated an additional tax on liquor to fund a special police force equipped with breathalysers that patrolled national and state highways looking for drunk drivers, says ASHWIN TOMBAT. READ

The Moral Minority


Material gain rules the roost. Everyone wants only the loaves and fishes of office. No one wants to sit in the opposition. Those who are in government, as well as those who are shouting about a stolen mandate; both are basically interested only in the great gains that come with great powerREAD

Freedom and its Legal Limits


Soli Sorabjee, Solicitor General of India in the Vajpayee-led NDA government, said in context of last year's JNU controversy, that though he found some of the slogans 'problematic' and even 'deplorable', expressing such views was not Sedition.READ

Carnaval: Fasting and Feasting


The Carnival Parade is not traditional. It has little or nothing to do with Goan culture. From its very origin in 1967, the parade was a rather unimaginative carbon copy of the Brazilian Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro. Its one-and-only objective was, is, and will always be to attract tourists to Goa.READ

Churchill, Caitu and the Facts


Is registration of birth in Lisbon the same as acquisition of Portuguese citizenship? Not quite. The actual document that confers Portuguese citizenship is a citizenship card; the 'Cartao de Cidadao'.READ

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