Tuesday 14 July 2020

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“Why Indian forces are withdrawing from Indian territory?”


The agreement provides for disengagement between the Indian and Chinese armies at “friction points”. This means that kilometres of territory that for years was under Indian control has now become ‘no man’s land’READ

The Great Indian Vaccine Hoax?


The ICMR says it will release the vaccine by 15 August – in exactly 48 days – a timeline unheard of anywhere in the world. The numbers simply do not add up. Are we looking at a scam?READ

Why are petrol and diesel prices so high?


The central government increased excise duty and road cess by ₹13 per litre on diesel and ₹10 per litre on petrol in a single day, making India the country with the highest taxes on fuel in the world. As fuel prices soar skywards, Goans miss late CM Manohar 'Bhai' ParrikarREAD

Enter the Dragon: China crossed the Line, Mr PM


To take on China, India needs to adopt Chhatrapati Shivaji’s strategy. We cannot afford an all-out warREAD

CM goes ‘Vocal for Local’ (By Ashwin Tombat)


Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant insists that the Mangor Hill outbreak is not ‘community transmission’ but ‘local transmission’ READ

Taxi Operators up to their Old Tricks? (By Ashwin Tombat)


Goa’s notorious taxi operators seem to have got back to their old games. One would expect that having gone through two months of complete loss of income, taxi operators would be desperate to get into action. Not so…READ

Why Arnab Goswami should not be arrested (By Ashwin Tombat)


The partisan brouhaha over the Arnab Goswami case obscures a very important issue that should be far more important to us all. Freedom of Expression, supposedly a constitutional fundamental right in India, is in very real dangerREAD

Post-lockdown, is your job secure? (By Ashwin Tombat)


During the lockdown, Indian companies have outright sacked people, asked employees to go on indefinite leave without pay (furlough), or slashed salaries by 10 to 85 per cent. India has never been in such a difficult situationREAD

Bad Times Ahead for Working People (By Ashwin Tombat)


Working people won the right to work eight hours a day in 1886. Today, 134 years later, this right is being abolished. We may soon find ourselves working for 12 hours a day instead of eight, with no protection for our safety, health or job securityREAD

We must avoid a ‘Second Wave’ (By Ashwin Tombat)


The reason that experts advocate extreme caution in relaxing the Covid-19 lockdown is the prospect of a deadly ‘second wave’, like in the last worldwide pandemic of ‘Spanish Flu’ in 1918READ

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