Tuesday 07 April 2020

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Light a diya of reason, not superstition (By Ashwin Tombat)


A cryptic series of ‘nines’ has given rise to a host of esoteric ‘explanations’ of the Prime Minister’s appeal to light a diya for 9 minutes at your door or balcony at 9pm today READ

The Value of Human Life in a Time of Corona Virus (By Ashwin Tombat)


How much destruction to the economy will the world be willing to tolerate to save lives from Covid-19? How many businesses will go bankrupt? How many millions of workers will become unemployed?READ

Is the Government Really Fighting Corona Virus?


Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Japan are the countries most exposed to China, but none of them have runaway rates of Covid-19 infection. This is because they took drastic measures to enforce ‘Social Distancing’. The Goa government’s record in this regard has been abysmalREAD

Fake News on Corona goes ‘Viral’


Goa Minister for Science and Technology Michael Lobo confidently told the media on Wednesday that corona virus will not spread in a hot climate like Goa. He was completely wrongREAD

Yes Bank Collapse – Warning Signs were Ignored


In 2015, two analysts from the Swiss investment bank UBS wrote that if India’s economic slowdown continued, Yes Bank would be in deep trouble. But their warnings were ignored, and Yes Bank chief Rana Kapoor continued to win awards!READ

U-turn on Booze Prices Too?


The liquor industry says that if liquor prices are increased as proposed, the state could suffer a double whammy – Goan consumers downgrading to cheaper brands and tourists coming to the state with their own bottles…!READ

Section 144 Imposed Only to Stop Anti-CAA protests?


Why impose Section 144 now? Is it because the Goa Alliance Against CAA-NRC-NPR has called for a public meeting to oppose the Citizens Amendment Act (CAA) on Friday 21 February in Panaji?READ

Crime and Punishment in BJP-ruled Goa


The complainant – BJP Spokesperson Premanand Mahambre – said that Mr Khaunte had “grabbed his hand” and “threatened” him in a verbal argument in the corridor of the Legislative Assembly. Does that warrant arrest?READ

How to Enforce the Casino Ban?


Until and unless a set of foolproof rules is put in place, the casino ban is going to be very problematic to implement. How does one distinguish between a ‘tourist’ and someone who is a ‘domiciled or permanently resident’?READ

Students need ‘Azaadi’ from the tyranny of exams


Should a year or more of learning be defined by a memory exercise that is only three hours long? Can it ever adequately define who the exam giver is as a person?READ

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Ashwin Tombat has been the Editor of Gomantak Times and Herald. Worked as an Associate Editor of national magazine Gentleman in Mumbai, before shifting to Goa. Loves sailing, also participates in Marathons. Has worked as an activist in students's union and trade unions in Maharashtra. Also an artist of Street Theatre during student days.


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