Monday 27 May 2019

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I got it wrong; history repeated...


Narendra Modi was successfully projected as the only option. The voter could either choose him, or reject him and hope for the best.READ

Don’t Believe the Exit Polls


Unless the Congress manages to pull off a Karnataka-type coup, 23 May will likely see the BJP emerge as the single largest party, needing to cobble together a broad coalition to stay in power.READ

Cortalim’s Jam Junction Needs Urgent Attention


Right now, the construction company takes all decisions. The traffic police need to take charge. It is they who should decide everythingREAD

New Mandovi Bridge: Injustice to Two Wheelers


If the old Mandovi bridges are safe for two wheelers, so is the new Mandovi bridge. I challenge any self-proclaimed expert to disprove this.READ

How to Lose an Election — Congress Ishtyle


Why call Narendra Modi a ‘Chor’? No money exchanged hands in the Rafale deal. The charges are nepotism and crony capitalism. Not bribery.READ

BJP off to a bad start?


Things aren’t going well for Narendra Modi. Two of India’s most prominent polling agencies have scaled down their predictions for the BJP after the first phase of polling on 11 April READ

Can Modi re-start mining?


The only possible way to restart mining is through auctions; or if the government takes ownership of the state’s mines and then contracts them out to the mining companies to operate.READ

The Coming Storm of Instability


Goa may soon see a period of prolonged instability, with governments changing more than once a year. That is when we will all wish that Mr Parrikar had not goneREAD

Strip those Rumblers!


If a car goes over Rumble Strips at high speed, it could lose control and crash. Instead of being a safety measure, they are actually a safety hazard!READ

War is Not the Answer


“Social media warriors, please stop. If you want war, go to the front…”READ

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