Monday 23 September 2019

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The Wait for ‘Acche Din’ gets Even Longer


India is well into an economic slowdown. It can possibly get worse. This slowdown seems to be obvious to everyone except the governmentREAD

Eight Days Without Water: Who was Responsible?


Only PWD Minister Deepak Pauskar identified the real culprit – road contractor M Venkata Rao Infra Projects – which failed to shift the water pipelinesREAD

Kashmir – Myth and Reality


In 1927, Maharaja Hari Singh issued a Royal Decree defining ‘State Subjects’, saying only they had the right to own and buy land. This law was incorporated as Article 35A of the ConstitutionREAD

How the Strike Backfired on Cabbies


The strike created a nationwide awareness about GoaMiles. It gave thousands of tourists and Goans a first-hand experience of how much more convenient, organised and pleasant an app-based taxi service can beREAD

Triple Talaq Law: New Vote-Bank Politics


Except for the word ‘Marriage’ replacing ‘Divorce’ and the year of enactment, the names of Modi’s 2019 law and Rajiv’s 1986 law are identical. So is their actual purpose – to appease religious sentiments and indulge in vote-bank politicsREAD

Job Reservation for Locals in Private Industries?


Mandatory quotas may be anti-constitutional, but as a condition for availing sops from the government, they are perfectly legal. Taxpayers foot the bill for sops to the private sector. Don’t they have a right to employment?READ

Potholes — Prevention and Cure


Potholes are not merely a nuisance. They can injure and kill people. Last year, the Supreme Court of India noted that more Indians had died because of potholes than by terrorist attacksREAD

Defection is a Double-Edged Sword


If it is possible to lure 10 out of 15 Congress MLAs to the BJP, surely it should also be possible to tempt 18 of the 27 BJP MLAs to ‘merge’ their party with either five Congress MLAs or three Goa Forward MLAs, get a majority and form a government…?READ

Great Budget, But Where’s the Money, Honey?


Basically, any budget is an estimate of the government’s income, and its proposed expenditure. Will the projected income materialize? Is the expenditure allotted sufficient? This budget gives cause for concernREAD

Garbage: Segregation is the Only Solution


If garbage is not segregated, it rots, it stinks, and it stays. It is the only way garbage can be successfully managed in Goa, whether in a small village or in a large city like MargaoREAD

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