Thursday 18 July 2019

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Defection is a Double-Edged Sword


If it is possible to lure 10 out of 15 Congress MLAs to the BJP, surely it should also be possible to tempt 18 of the 27 BJP MLAs to ‘merge’ their party with either five Congress MLAs or three Goa Forward MLAs, get a majority and form a government…?READ

Great Budget, But Where’s the Money, Honey?


Basically, any budget is an estimate of the government’s income, and its proposed expenditure. Will the projected income materialize? Is the expenditure allotted sufficient? This budget gives cause for concernREAD

Garbage: Segregation is the Only Solution


If garbage is not segregated, it rots, it stinks, and it stays. It is the only way garbage can be successfully managed in Goa, whether in a small village or in a large city like MargaoREAD

‘One Nation, One Election’; One Big Mistake


If elections are held only once in five years, it reduces the government's accountability to the people. Regular polls don’t hinder development. They help better decision makingREAD

Formalin in Fish is now “Permissible” and “Safe”!


By setting a “permissible limit”, the FSSAI has made Formalin in fish legal. There is no way of distinguishing “naturally occurring formaldehyde” from the chemical version that is added to fish by unscrupulous tradersREAD

Is Cheating Tourists the Birth-Right of Taxi Operators?


If their demands are met, will taxi drivers drop their demand to close down GoaMiles? If they agree, it means they are sincere. If not, it means they want to go on cheating tourists, as if it is their birth right.READ

Does 'Cartao' mean Portuguese Citizenship?


Does possession of a Bilhete or Cartão mean Portuguese citizenship? The answer will profoundly affect the lives of thousands of Goans.READ

I got it wrong; history repeated...


Narendra Modi was successfully projected as the only option. The voter could either choose him, or reject him and hope for the best.READ

Don’t Believe the Exit Polls


Unless the Congress manages to pull off a Karnataka-type coup, 23 May will likely see the BJP emerge as the single largest party, needing to cobble together a broad coalition to stay in power.READ

Cortalim’s Jam Junction Needs Urgent Attention


Right now, the construction company takes all decisions. The traffic police need to take charge. It is they who should decide everythingREAD

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