Friday 15 November 2019

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Myths about Marinas


Europe has over 4,000 marinas with 5 lakh berths. Yet, its sea water is cleaner than Goa’s. If tiny countries like Monaco and Singapore can have many marinas, why can’t Goa have just one?READ

Tourism: Has Goa Killed the Golden Goose?


In 2019, Goa wasn’t in the Top Ten destinations for foreign tourists coming to India. It seems to have lost favour even with domestic tourists this year, according to a new surveyREAD

Learn from Croatia: Goa needs a Marina


Nobody likes mega-projects. But when the benefits of a marina outweigh the disadvantages so overwhelmingly, one needs to think afreshREAD

Every Child Must Learn how to Swim


In a coastal state like Goa which, in addition to the sea, has hundreds of kilometres of inland waters, every child must be taught how to swim. Had the students of Don Bosco been able to swim, they would not have drowned.READ

Are Hefty new Traffic Fines going to Work?


The question is, can hefty fines actually reduce road accidents and save lives? Or will they only increase bribery?READ

The Wait for ‘Acche Din’ gets Even Longer


India is well into an economic slowdown. It can possibly get worse. This slowdown seems to be obvious to everyone except the governmentREAD

Eight Days Without Water: Who was Responsible?


Only PWD Minister Deepak Pauskar identified the real culprit – road contractor M Venkata Rao Infra Projects – which failed to shift the water pipelinesREAD

Kashmir – Myth and Reality


In 1927, Maharaja Hari Singh issued a Royal Decree defining ‘State Subjects’, saying only they had the right to own and buy land. This law was incorporated as Article 35A of the ConstitutionREAD

How the Strike Backfired on Cabbies


The strike created a nationwide awareness about GoaMiles. It gave thousands of tourists and Goans a first-hand experience of how much more convenient, organised and pleasant an app-based taxi service can beREAD

Triple Talaq Law: New Vote-Bank Politics


Except for the word ‘Marriage’ replacing ‘Divorce’ and the year of enactment, the names of Modi’s 2019 law and Rajiv’s 1986 law are identical. So is their actual purpose – to appease religious sentiments and indulge in vote-bank politicsREAD

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