Tuesday 28 March 2017

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Poor Churchill


Churchill has lost his political significance. His political opportunism has taken him miles away from being a political leader, either of a group of MLAs or a political party. Nobody trusts him anymore. His joining the NCP was just a survival attempt, says SANDESH PRABHUDESAI. READ

Dear Voter, don’t protest; Introspect!


The voter should blame himself or herself. No doubt the conscience vote is rising. But it is divided. This election was once again held to teach a lesson. But we voters have not learnt a lesson from the past, says SANDESH PRABHUDESAI.READ

आमी तिचो निशेध केलो; तिणे आमकां मोग दिलो


ताई म्हणल्यार पणस कसो. दिसपाक भायल्यान खरखरीत. भितल्ल्यान – पणसाचो घरो. हटवादी आसत, पूण दुराग्रही न्ही. READ

कोंकणी चळवळः युगो ते मगो


कोंकणी आनी मराठी ह्यो दोनूय गोंयकारांच्यो आवयभासो आसात हे भाभासुमचे भुमिकेक तांणी हे आदींच मान्यताय दिल्या. फाल्यां मराठी राजभास करपाखातीरय दितात काय कितें तें पळोवचें पडटलें.READ

8वी अनुसुचीः कोंकणीची उदरगत ही केंद्र सरकाराची लागणूक


आंदोलनांतल्यान जायना तो प्रस्न आठवे अनुसुचीप्रमाण कोंकणीक मेळपी हक्कांची अंमलबजावणी केल्यार अळंगपणान सुटपाक शकता. खासा करून शिक्षणीक मळार मरगळ आयिल्ले कोंकणीक नवसंजीवनी मेळपाक शकता.READ

And the Award goes to


Following Goa model, all the top channels of the country as well as the regional satellite channels could also shift to cable TVs. Till today, we are a step behind the nation. But, tomorrow, the whole country could follow us. READ

How authentic is Kautilya survey?


If the survey is genuine, then Kautilya should not hold the trump cards close to their chest and confuse the voter by not giving break-up of constituencies. They need to place before the voter all the findings of the survey including the whole Questionnaire.READ

Disconnect MoI from Grants


the politicians and the bureaucracy have complicated the whole issue by linking the principle of Medium of Instruction with the salary grants. To overcome this tangle, the government needs to rectify the major blunder it played on the people of Goa. It needs to disconnect medium of instruction from the issue of salary grants.READ

AAP’s claim of 35: Premature or Immature?


No doubt AAP swept Delhi poll last year, winning 67 out of 70 seats. But that doesn’t equate Delhi with Goa. Demographic and socio-economic factors are also not similar. READ

Why only Coconut? What about Kullagar?


Coconut is neither a forest tree nor a coconut grower should be brought under the purview of Forest Department. Therefore a demand should be made not to include coconut back in the Preservation of Trees Act but to have a holistic act.READ

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