Tuesday 14 July 2020

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The Politics of Loyalty and Betrayal    


Thus, in our context, we can see how the BJP claims that is represents the interest of the Indian Hindus while it simply represents the interest of the corporate in India. But to mask this, it foists the politics of loyalty and betrayal. Same may be said of Congress, who has cast its nets among the minorities and others in the name of secularism. READ

Can the Parents Decide?


If the rich Parents who choose English and the Sales men of private education do not harm our language and culture then how the same choice made by the poor parents is going to harm the same language and culture?READ

BBSM/RSS protecting Traders of Education


While a rich educationist can exercise his/her democratic choice to run a primary school that has English as a medium of instruction, the parents of the children have no natural choice. They have to buy the same choice for a price from some of these very salesmen who are in the forefront of the BBSM movement. READ

The Politics behind the Uniform Civil Code


We do not need a uniform but a pluri-form civil code to harmonize and not homogenize the diversity in our country. The cry for uniform civil code in psychoanalytic terms is an oedipal cry for the law of the father. READ

Other Side of the Row of Conversion


Conversion can be political and does challenge identities and destabilize social boundaries. It becomes an interrogation of the earlier tradition that the converted person or the community abandons to embrace another religion and is often construed as a betrayal by the communities that witnesses the loss or separation of their brotherhoods due to conversion. READ

What can India Learn from Bhutan


Bhutan’s gross national happiness index that bases itself upon equitable social development, cultural preservation, conservation of the environment and promotion of good governance has lots to teach us in India. Although good governance has been the mantra of our Prime Minister, there is lot to be done at the front of social development that embeds the poison of casteism and religious intolerance. READ

(Un)reading the Modi Deception


Modi has therefore been viewed as both poison and a remedy. The political discourse unleashed by BJP and its ilk has produced a sedimentation that has two contradictory layers of signification. This double signification is certainly milked by BJP as a resource to make us believe that there is one-man solution to all our problems. READ

Other side of Secularism-Communalism divide


It is for us to de-colonize our minds from the slavery of the discourse unleashed by Secularism-Communalism divide and view corruption and exploitation in its face and vote with freedom to free our country from the chains of unfreedoms and corruption imposed on us by the power elite. READ


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Fr. Victor Ferrao is a Dean of Philosophy and teaches at Rachol Seminary in Salcete taluka of Goa. He has done his Phd in Philosophy of Science. He writes often on socio-political scenario.


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