Tuesday 07 April 2020

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Indian Cricket - Quo Vadis?


Our best performers of the last few years have either come to or are coming to the end of their careers. Tendulkar, Dravid and Laxman must exit within a few matches of each other. READ

What lies behind the Khaki shorts?


The shakhas of the RSS propagate a notion of Hindu culture that is actually a definition of a majoritarian and authoritarian rashtra where Hindus, under RSS direction, will lay down the rules by which the minorities will have to abide. This credo of an organisation that claims to be nationalist is the very antithesis of the concept of “a secular, socialist, democratic republic” as enshrined in the preamble to our Constitution.READ

Do we really care?


Can we make a solemn promise to ourselves? Can we, till the next IPL, learn to care a little bit more for the many problems our country is facing today? READ

The Week of Two Books


The third week of March 2010 saw the release of two books in Margao. Both are in Marathi and have a very progressive context. I have the good fortune of being connected with both of them.READ

I was an atheist till...


Yes, I said that. I am an atheist. But there can be no other explanation for the present state of affairs in Goa. God has to be playing a hand. Ergo, God exists. And I believe. Without a shred of doubt, God has to exist.READ

India superpower or super(stition)power?


Spread of education is recommended to transport the underprivileged masses of the country to the modern age. But, if the educated ‘elite’ of the country remains in the throes of these medieval ideas, is there too much hope left?READ

Revisiting the Epics


Had these ingenuous inhabitants of the hills, who till about 30 years ago proudly claimed to be Duryodhana's descendants, suddenly discarded him because he was a villain in the plains?READ


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