Sunday 15 September 2019

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Goa’s unelected opposition & shift in political paradigm


The recent floods that hit the state were an eye-opener of sorts but what are the steps that are now being taken to ensure that our state will never go through something similar ever again? Sadly, no questions were asked by those in the opposition. Their inconsistency to pursue matters have become their biggest failure and that's unfortunate not for them but for us who have to face these issues in our day-to-day lives. READ

Not in 'My Goa’ Please


The growing trend of calling out ‘outsiders’ is somewhat worrying to my mind. I am apprehensive because on-ground it may alienate many people who have been living in Goa with dignity for many generations, even if they may have originated from somewhere else. READ


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Deepali Desai

Formerly a Television Journalist with close to a decade long experience in covering news. She has worked with India's top news channels such as Times Now, NDTV & NewsX. Recently, she had a stint in Goa365 as a Desk Head. She breathes politics and likes to keep her eyes on social media trends. Deepali is from Ribandar, Goa, presently working in North India for Women’s Rights Organisation.


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