Thursday 23 March 2017

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The National Anthem Order: Constitutionalism v/s showy patriotism


There is no precedent or legal reason to support the judgement except the temptation of the judges to keep up with the ruling political Joneses. READ

Are you a sadist bureaucrat, Mr Vice Chancellor?


Should you be remembered as rigid, arrogant, inflexible and sadist bureaucrat? Or Should you stay in history as understanding and compassionate educationist? The choice is yours. Sir, it’s a choice which you have to make in your extended stay as a Vice-Chancellor which stands legalized by a special Ordinance issued by the government superseding the provisions of the Goa University Act.READ

Why I Am Not A Nationalist


I cannot paint Historians as western Dictators as men of steel Scientists as fools and jokers God-men and Babas as scientists Or a Muslim boy as Pakistani READ

When Justice is Delayed


The Indian judiciary should realize that unless the delays and pendency are brought within tolerable limits, it cannot accept the award of being considered as the only pillar in which the people can repose faith and confidenceREAD

The Godfather takes Opposition and Media head-on


The Godfather disease is sought to be injected in the media by the present ruling powers. It is alleged that journalists are under government scanner and working under the pressure of government machinery. Journalists not toeing the line of the government are systematically intimidated. It is no longer a negotiation of personal profit or favours.READ

Inflated Nationalism will defeat India


Nationalism is the new found idol of the BJP to replace Sri Ram. BJP is nursing nationalism to equate it as the synonym for secularism and develop it as ‘secular’ word to facilitate the ‘hindutva’ agenda providing the glorified nomenclature for the otherwise Hindu Rashtra that they espouse. READ

The March for Sarva Bhasha Samvad ...


The conclave of free-thinkers at Dandi was not to protest. It was not promoted by any political party. It was not directed against any political party or government. It was a meeting of sensitive minds to deepen rational and progressive thinking and reaffirm the faith in fearless expression despite growing threats and intolerance. It was an expression of solidarity for a better, tolerant and respecting modern India. READ

The MoI Imbroglio


The fulcrum of the Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch is the RSS known for a brand of nationalism which poses threat to the Indian Constitution. They are also known to imprison education within their narrow ideology. They have been engineering history, culture, politics and society as a subset of this contracted philosophy. . READ

Making Education Compulsory Thins Democracy


If the formally educated make better political workers, it is for the electoral market to test. Why bar and disenfranchise the not formally educated?READ

Small State, Big Politics


There is no doubt that the ideological heritage of the Congress party is the idea of secular and democratic India. This is a leaf to be taken, preserved and fostered. However, the political human heritage of the Congress in Goa needs to be discarded lock, stock and barrel. READ

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