Saturday 26 September 2020

News Analysed, Opinions Expressed


हांवें म्हाजी बरोवपाची भास कित्याक बदल्ली?

हिंदीइतली प्रगल्भ साहित्यीक भास आनीकय चड प्रमाण करचेखातीर जर संविधानांत आठवी अनुसुची येवंक शकता जाल्यार आमच्या येद्याशा गोंयांत आशिल्ले कोंकणीचे विविधतेंतल्यान आमी भोवसंख्यांची प्रमाण कोंकणी कित्याक घडोवपाक शकनात? READ



Profiteering from the Pandemic

The government can keep in mind what is ‘affordable’ for private hospitals, but not what is affordable for ordinary patients…? READ



Is this a medical college or a Mint?

A departure in public health policy of such momentous nature cannot be permitted to be taken behind closed doors. The local MLAs have publicly opposed such a move. The silence of other South Goa MLAs is deafening. ... READ



Covid19 is not a picnic, it's a monstrous villian!

Whatever any naysayers may tell you, this is something Man has never ever seen before. From relatively stable patients crashing suddenly, to CT scans consistently showing savage infiltrations in almost all patients, to the unpredictable ... READ



My Tryst with Gender Bias

I wonder sometimes, what the scene would be if only daughters were born into this family. To whom would they give all the family wealth? In families which only have daughters, the daughters receive what ... READ



The Language of Non Thought

There are a lot of thought terminating clichés inserted, apparently meaningfully, in the political discourse nowadays. Take for example “urban naxal” or “presstitute” or “lutyens lobby” or “khan market gang”, “tukde tukde gang”…. Did you ever ... READ



Rehabilitate Mapusa Urban, don’t annihilate (By Prabhakar Timble)

That such a ruthless killing of Goa’s oldest cooperative bank is accepted without a murmur of dissent by cooperators, shareholders and other stakeholders is an even more dangerous writing on the wall. READ



Beware of bumpy ride! Killer Potholes Ahead...

It’s Monday already and Government has yet again failed to fill potholes on Goan roads. Just last week a 26-year old lost his life while trying to avoid a pothole at Bhoma. The heavy rains ... READ



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S. Nageswara Rao Patnaik: Hello, everyone ! Good day ! We are a humble family of ...READ

P. Kamat: उदयबाब सांगता तेप्रमाण आशालताताईचीं दोन खाशेलेपणां आसलेलीं. एक - ल्हानपणासावन ...READ

Jack De Goan: AAP means Home Delivery of Government Services, Free Best Health ...READ

Jack De Goan: CONGRESS Supporters always speak about CASTE (Caste Politics). BJP Supporters always ...READ

Mahesh Divekar: Nice article. But I think Rocky shut shut is from Chris ...READ

kenneth: Your article was wonderful. It is good to talk READ

Jack De Goan: Goans voted Congress and gave 17 MLAs to Congress and ...READ

Jack De Goan: RG and all other Goan Concerned NGOs or Individuals should ...READ

Ramakant khalap: संदेशबाब थँक्यू बाबनच्या जीवनावयलो तुमचो लेख ऐतिहासीक दस्तऐ वज । बाबनचो आत्मो ...READ

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P. Kamat: GSB samaj which is the 'prastapit' samaj among all samajs ...READ

Noronha: Well written! In Goa, the MLAs, 40 of them, have no ...READ

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