Friday 20 January 2017

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Will Politics shrink in 2017?

Politics in 2017 needs to find a way to evolve into something more meaningful than just sharp slogans and high-pitched rhetoric aimed at wooing gullible voters. The global rise of populist demagogues like Donald Trump ... READ



The National Anthem Order: Constitutionalism v/s showy patriotism

There is no precedent or legal reason to support the judgement except the temptation of the judges to keep up with the ruling political Joneses. READ



Dissent, Nationalism and Dakshinayan

The problem here is, any stupid and erratic action is justified with impunity under the guise of ‘nationalism’. The fringe elements’ belief that their brand of nationalism gives them a right to take ... READ



आमी तिचो निशेध केलो; तिणे आमकां मोग दिलो

ताई म्हणल्यार पणस कसो. दिसपाक भायल्यान खरखरीत. भितल्ल्यान – पणसाचो घरो. हटवादी आसत, पूण दुराग्रही न्ही. READ



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Ganpatrao Vascokar: If Madkaikar gets a ticket, be prepared to get inundated ...READ

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