Friday 21 January 2022

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Goa 2022: Wisdom dawns on the "New Dawn"

The GFP and TMC are talking of alliances for their own political survival and to come out in 2022 with grace. This business is sold as the supposedly mega alliance of all to oust the ... READ



To Lohia With Love

On Nov 27 and 28, 2021, an international conference is being organized at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao. Many Gandhians from India and abroad are expected to attend this conference under the convenorship of Shri Abhishek Ranjan ... READ



Repeal 16B to save what is left of Goa

The most important matter that must dominate the 2022 election discourse is protection of what is left of Goa. The Parrikar led government let us down by enacting sec.16B to be ... READ



कोंराठीचें नाक आनी बोलीची आदोळी

भोवजनांची भास आनी कोंकणीचो निजाचो सभाव ह्यो दोन वेगवेगळ्यो गजाली. दरेके भाशेक वेगवेगळ्यो बोली आसतात, मात निजाचो सभाव एकूच आसता. व्याकरण एकूच आसता. तें निर्मिलां साक्षर नाशिल्ल्या आमच्या जाण्टेल्या पुर्वजांनी. उण्यांत उण्या उतरांतल्यान चडांत ... READ



(प्रस्न-पेणें 1) सोशल मिडियावेले विद्वान

दरेकल्याचें आपापलें एक विचार करपाचें लॅव्हल आसता. तो तो मनीस आपापल्या लॅव्हलाप्रमाण वागता. खरें म्हुटल्यार मुद्याक गुद्याचेर वा हिणसावपाचेर व्हरोन तो आपलें स्वताचें लॅव्हल दाखयता. तुमचें न्हूं. मागीर आमी तेच्या लॅव्हलाचेर कित्याक वचप? READ



Who criticises Nehru vis-a-vis Goa & Why?

The ultra-nationalists believe Nehru wasted 14 long years; while another section of Goan society who believes the Portuguese should have continued in Goa – both criticise Nehru. READ



Zilla Polls: Whither Congress?

After debacles in Bihar and Goa, the Congress simply cannot afford to continue burying its head in the sand like an ostrich and pretending – ‘Three Idiots’-style – that “aaall is well” READ



Bap’pai na, Pudveim na

Must we not agitate for safer transportation rather than no transportation? Is the power generated by use of coal not passed on to the National Power Grid, which in turn provides all the power consumed ... READ



ekomeme: [url=]Imudio[/url] Aqosexah

Nitin Neogi: Heart touchingREAD

Sitaram Naik: सरांच्या सभावाचे दर्शन लेखात घडलें. असो मनीस राजकारणांत दुर्मिळ....READ

Judas Mascarenhas: Beautifully pennedREAD

Jack De Goan: Election in Goa should be with BALLOT PAPER and not ...READ

विशाल सिनाय खांडेपारकार: भाई, लेख वाचून थाकाय मेळ्ळीं. आवडलें" आमी ताच्या लॅव्हलांचेर कित्याक ...READ

Arya: India invaded Goa as Russia incited the invasion of then ...READ

आशा प्र. पालनकर: समग्र माहिती खातिर धन्यवाद.खरेच एक खडेगाठ मार्गदर्शक गुरुनाथ केळेकरबाब आज ...READ

चेतन आचार्य : खुबूच सुंदर.READ

Shridhar Bambolkar: U have painted very realistic n true picture of our ...READ


Jack De Goan: Congress Voters voted Congress and gave 17 MLAs to Goa. ...READ

Jack De Goan: Goans has accepted AAP as an alternative to Congress. Congress ...READ

Jack De Goan: All Goans & Goa Concerned NGOs & Individuals should support ...READ

Jack De Goan: AAP’s Oximeter Campaign is something is better than nothing. AAP ...READ