Wednesday 03 March 2021

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State Election Commissioner should quit

This judgement exposes the political interference of the BJP government in reservations. It also exposes that not only the DMA but also a statutory and autonomous body like the SEC was a pawn in the ... READ



(प्रस्न-पेणें 1) सोशल मिडियावेले विद्वान

दरेकल्याचें आपापलें एक विचार करपाचें लॅव्हल आसता. तो तो मनीस आपापल्या लॅव्हलाप्रमाण वागता. खरें म्हुटल्यार मुद्याक गुद्याचेर वा हिणसावपाचेर व्हरोन तो आपलें स्वताचें लॅव्हल दाखयता. तुमचें न्हूं. मागीर आमी तेच्या लॅव्हलाचेर कित्याक वचप? READ



जाता तितल्यो भासो शिकया, उलोवया, बरोवयाः विधानसभेंतल्यो कोंकणीच्यो भोयो भोयो मात थांबोवया

आमी एकभाशी जावंक लागल्यात. आवयभास आनी राजभाशेचो प्रस्न आमी आमचे भाशीक विविधतेंत घुस्पावया नाका. तेतूंत आमचें खूब व्हडले लुकसाण जातलें. READ



Unelected sermonizing to keep faith in the elected!

The Supreme Court's sermon comes at a time when the court's credibility of the Court of standing up to the executive is a all time low READ



Who criticises Nehru vis-a-vis Goa & Why?

The ultra-nationalists believe Nehru wasted 14 long years; while another section of Goan society who believes the Portuguese should have continued in Goa – both criticise Nehru. READ



Zilla Polls: Whither Congress?

After debacles in Bihar and Goa, the Congress simply cannot afford to continue burying its head in the sand like an ostrich and pretending – ‘Three Idiots’-style – that “aaall is well” READ



Bap’pai na, Pudveim na

Must we not agitate for safer transportation rather than no transportation? Is the power generated by use of coal not passed on to the National Power Grid, which in turn provides all the power consumed ... READ



A Matter of Conscience

The key to understanding fascism lies in the individuality and the individual consciousness....An act which promotes humanism and conscience within the State and its people is unlikely to be fascist. READ



विशाल सिनाय खांडेपारकार: भाई, लेख वाचून थाकाय मेळ्ळीं. आवडलें" आमी ताच्या लॅव्हलांचेर कित्याक ...READ

Arya: India invaded Goa as Russia incited the invasion of then ...READ

आशा प्र. पालनकर: समग्र माहिती खातिर धन्यवाद.खरेच एक खडेगाठ मार्गदर्शक गुरुनाथ केळेकरबाब आज ...READ

चेतन आचार्य : खुबूच सुंदर.READ

Shridhar Bambolkar: U have painted very realistic n true picture of our ...READ


Jack De Goan: Congress Voters voted Congress and gave 17 MLAs to Goa. ...READ

Jack De Goan: Goans has accepted AAP as an alternative to Congress. Congress ...READ

Jack De Goan: All Goans & Goa Concerned NGOs & Individuals should support ...READ

Jack De Goan: AAP’s Oximeter Campaign is something is better than nothing. AAP ...READ

Rodney Pereira: Great guns SandeshREAD

Saurabh Garg: If we want to close businesses well then all of ...READ

Abhi: Wa wa, You agree he is a victim but think ...READ

M.Rodericks: I have lived in Canada for many years and ...READ

John Rodrigues: Respected sir, I am John Rodrigues, aged 47 years from ...READ